A perfect handbag for your wedding day: how to choose it?

September 11, 2009 0 By admin

September is now here and it is a very special period here in Italy, as in many other European countries, because it is considered the “wedding month”. Many people choose the month of September to get married, probably because of its pleasant weather (it is not too hot but neither cold) or perhaps because in September you feel a special atmosphere in the air, a sense of peace and harmony, after the adrenaline and the energy of the summer holidays.

The wedding day, as you know, is very special, above all for the bride who has been dreaming of this day, since she was a child, so everything must be absolutely perfect.  She takes a long time to choose her wedding dress, which has to be absolutely gorgeous and beautiful, decorated with pearls and crystals, trimmed with lace or simply made of a prestigious fabric such as silk or taffeta. The wedding dress has to fulfil our most intimate desires and wishes because this celebration lasts just one day and it is an unique event, so we have to be absolutely impeccable.

We choose all the accessories to go with our wedding dress (the gloves, the veil to wear on our head, the jewels and the flowers for our bouquet) with care and particular attention, trying to match everything to our dress, but, very often, we forget to pay attention to another element of our ensemble which is really important (and absolutely useful) for us on this special day: our handbag.

The wedding bag, in fact, is not always considered an essential accessory for a bride to carry on her wedding day, perhaps because the bride, on that day, is focused on living her special day in total harmony and happiness and has no time to think about her purse. Then, almost every bride is clutching her beautiful bouquet in her hand and hasn’t got a spare hand for her wedding clutch too!!!!

Considering the emotion she is experiencing around the important step she is about to take, and looking at the enormous bouquets chosen by many brides, it might sound a little unrealistic to be thinking about giving a bride a wedding bag to wear too!!!!

But, have you ever thought about the importance of the handbag for a woman on the day of her wedding?  She probably needs her bag more than any other day!!!

Just think about her need to look fresh and dynamic throughout the day, despite the normal tiredness which every bride is bound to feel:

  • Her make up has to remain perfect till the end of the ceremony, for the wedding photos with parents, relatives and friends, so she needs her powder, her lipstick and her eye-liner close at hand all the time;
  • Despite her feet aching, in her high heels, the bride has to continuously move around greeting her guests or  dancing with her  new husband; she really needs a powder or a refreshing cream to massage on her feet in order to relax them and continue to enjoy the party in total comfort and wellness;
  • Many relatives will give money to the bride, as a wedding gift, tucked into pretty small envelopes, but where should she keep them?
  • And where can she keep a small bottle of perfume to keep her feeling fresh and sensual all through the day?
  • And where can she keep an emergency supply of pills in case she gets a sudden head ache?

These are just some of the reasons why, in our opinion, a bride should have a small handbag by her side, even on her wedding day, a secret place to keep everything she needs to always appear at her best, especially on such a special occasion as her wedding day.

A wedding bag is not purely ornamental and superfluous but, on the contrary, it is absolutely essential to contain all that a woman needs to always have at her side, so that she can feel confident and comfortable on the occasion of such an emotional event. Having her own handbag, she doesn’t need to ask other people for anything she needs, because she has everything tucked away in her “secret domain” and she can feel more independent and free in every single action she makes.

A wedding bag can’t of course be as roomy and comfortable as a tote bag, but it is certainly large enough to preserve some handkerchiefs, a lipstick, some head-ache pills, an eye-liner, a small perfume, and spare hairpins for your hairstyle, but, above all, it is a secure place to keep your money gifts, away from any indiscreet eye!!!!

The wedding purse should be quite small in size, and similar in color and fabric to the style of the wedding dress, almost a continuation of the dress itself. Decorated or not with lace, rhinestones and sequins, it should enhance the natural fresh beauty of the bride, giving her a further touch of prestige and elegance. The best solution, in our opinion is a clutch with a very fine chain-strap (a strap made of fine chains, decorated with pearls and rhinestones, matching the decoration of the dress is really stunning) which looks very luxurious but is, at the same time, practical to wear on the forearm, and leaves the bride’s hands absolutely free to hold her bouquet.

However, if the bride doesn’t want to hold both the bouquet and the handbag at the same time, she can certainly ask her bridesmaid to hold her bag during the ceremony at the church or at the city hall, and then take it back once she arrives at the reception and can rest the bouquet on the table.

If you are planning your wedding day and are just going to look at your wedding dress, we suggest that you  consider the possibility of adding a gorgeous wedding purse to the list of your wedding accessories. In our opinion,  from our personal experience both as handbag makers and as married women, a handbag is really an essential element in a woman’s life, even more so on the day of her marriage: practical but, at the same time, elegant and incredibly chic, it will confer a further touch of brightness to your look, making your wedding day absolutely unforgettable and also very unusual and original!

Follow our suggestion and you will not regret it!!!!!!

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