A summer vacation on the beach, but…. watch the expenses !

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Now summer is here and everyone is looking forward to a well deserved break from work. Even at Gleni, we’ve started to talk about how to organize our own vacation or discuss which is the best location to choose in terms of pure fun and a long-dreamt of relaxing time!!!


You are probably looking forward to showing off your fantastic look, maybe after having followed our useful advice in the last article, about the most important clothes and accessories to pack for the amazing summer vacation you’ve planned. But what if you haven’t yet chosen your destination? Here again the Gleni team comes to your rescue, dearest readers, trying to help those of you who are still hesitating on the best location to choose. If you don’t want to spend a fortune but at the same time you still want to enjoy an unforgettable summer, follow our tips, you  absolutely won’t regret it!!!

So, a week-end abroad or a vacation at the beach on our splendid and sparkling Italian coast? Which destination to choose from the many? How to have fun without spending an exorbitant amount? Here are a few suggestions on how to spend an amazing vacation on the beautiful Italian coast!!

We Italians will never give up our love of the beach, but nowadays many of us are having to give up the traditional month-long period  which we always used to spend on our vacations! This year, more and more Italians (1 out of 2) will spend less than 15 days on vacation and will feel uncertain about it even then. Maybe it’s the economic crisis which weighs heavily on our budgets or the insecurity of our jobs, however, the truth is, you have to be very lucky these days to own a vacation house at the beach still!!

During these really hard periods, owning a second home in a tourist destination has become a luxury that can’t be afforded anymore: so what do we do about it? Simple, when you go to the beach, you rent!! This new trend has been confirmed by researchers that have taken into consideration more than 300 tourist destinations from the North to the South of our peninsula for their survey. The most popular still remain  the Campania and Puglia regions, the Ligurian Riviera and the Adriatic coast.

This survey has noted an increase in rental applications and a relative decline in house sales of 15-20%.  In the wake of the negative balance registered in 2008, for summer 2009 a decrease in sales of 8-10% is expected, even though the real estate prices in the coastal towns and in the South have fallen on average between 4 and 7%.

Renting has become popular even among those people that can easily afford a wonderful vacation: Panarea, Capri, Ischia, yes, but on board friends’ boats with a new destination every year, without being tied to one single place!!

More and more foreigners, too, are preferring a rental house for their vacations on the beach, trying to look for small or medium size apartments: the rental requests from foreigners are in great demand, especially at destinations near charter airports such as Pisa, Rimini, Ancona, Brindisi, where generally rental prices go from a minimum of € 350 to a maximum of € 1000 per week.

Very different are the prices in the “VIP” locations: the most expensive are Portofino and Forte dei Marmi, respectively  € 2500 and € 2200 per week, followed by Capri and Porto Cervo at € 2000.

In these cases, in order to economize, it could be better to spread the cost over the long term, rather than concentrate the outgoings on the expensive August month. In fact the trend of annual rent is becoming more common, obviously choosing apartments which don’t need interior work or repairs of any kind!!

On the other hand, buying a house is another story, even though the place is always the same…..so, all of you who want to own a house on the beach with little waste of money, you could consider Ladispoli, on the Lazio coast, or look towards the crystalline, Mediterranean waters of Quartu Sant’Elena (in Sardegna region), Diamante (in Calabria region) or Vasto. This way you could rely on a safe refuge always at your disposal where the mild climate and the clear water repay any sacrifice!!

However, don’t forget about San Benedetto del Tronto, a lovely little town on the Adriatic coast in the Marche region of Italy: here you will find all the fun and entertainment you desire for a really enjoyable summer. Moreover, you will have the opportunity of visiting our Showroom and finally touching our soft, prestigious and exquisite luxury exotic leather handbags with your own hands. For more details on our beautiful historic town, read the following article http://www.gleni.it/blog/san-benedetto-del-tronto/

So, what are your plans? Which summer destinations best satisfy your needs? Feel free to write to us to share your experiences with us!!

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