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For a number of years already, Gleni have been selling top quality exotic leather handbags and accessories  100% Made in Italy to worldwide customers. For us this is more than just a job, it is a genuine passion!

It is such a pleasure to see the products shown in our Boutique being admired and sought after by women (and many men too) from all over the world every day and such a joy to know that many of our new creations are sold within minutes of them being posted on the web.

Even those who live a long way from a city centre or who live in small country villages, where fashion boutiques are non-existent, can finally have the chance to buy themselves a fashionable bag straight from Italy, which is custom made for them, giving them new opportunities for self-expression.

Each member of our staff puts immense enthusiasm and love into every stage of production: they care for it personally, from the initial design phase, to the making and finishing of the bag. We all look forward impatiently to the launch of the new collection to see each new article and display it in our showroom, photographing it carefully, then posting them in our virtual Boutique and looking forward to sharing all the feelings of admiration, enthusiasm and joy with you, our loyal friends and customers!

In fact the feelings of joy and satisfaction from a job well done can only really be fully experienced when they are shared with others, with those who, though they may come from lands far away from our own Italy, are able to keep in touch with us day by day, just as if they were close neighbours, letting us know how much they are enjoying our creations.

Besides it is only thanks to our website that many of our supporters have been able to get to know the story of the birth of our company in more detail, a story that at times seems almost like a fairy tale in which the protagonist made the handbag his life’s work.

Arben Qoku made his debut in the luxury leather sector in 1996. His artistic talents led him to discover the profound significance that a handbag holds in a woman’s life as a precious repository of all her intimate things. When he met Tatiana, a computer and especially an internet aficionado and the woman who would shortly become his wife, Arben was able to set up a remarkable enterprise with great skill, which then led him towards the complex handbag market, positioning himself to make top quality products to be sold online throughout the world.

Tatiana was the catalyst for Arben, completing his private life with three wonderful children, and giving him invaluable help and support with the advertising of the business and with marketing their Italian-made products.

By now everybody who knows us, is well acquainted with our passionate support for the genuine ‘Made in Italy’, that is for products which are entirely made in Italy by experienced Italian craftsmen. These artisans bring to our company all their long years of experience, their technical skills and above all their passion for their work, all devoted to producing a fine and stylish product, using materials of excellent quality, which are meticulously worked on in their small artisan workshops.

Our main aim is to bring genuine Italian products to the world. Not everyone knows that often, the producers of genuine Italian luxury aren’t the big firms and multinationals, but the small workshops, and that even when the label shows the name of leading name in the sector the actual production of the article will almost always have been carried out in small artisan’s workshops, by master leatherworkers who are passionate about their work, and infuse that passion into every item that is individually shaped by their hands (and not in a production line).

Our passion for handbags, for the scent of the leather, the feel of quality leathers to the touch and the possibilities of creating something new from scratch have always inspired us to give of our very best in ideas and in perfecting our manufacturing techniques.

By combining two seemingly conflicting qualities, such as ancient wisdom and the work of artisans on the one hand and new communication technologies of the internet on the other we have been able to bring life to our enterprise.

Gleni’s online presence is made up of several websites, each of which can be considered as a separate enterprise on its own account, with its own clientele and structure, even though some of them are linked with each other and complement each other

We put a constant flow of dedication and passion into our work and even though it is hard to experience emotions through a computer screen, we do our very best to reach your hearts and communicate all we feel to you!

Below we give you a brief resume of each of our online enterprises:

www.gleni.it – is our company’s official site. Here you can find all the information on our company, on Italian craftsmanship, the details of all our products divided into categories, details on all the quality leathers we use to make our products, plenty of advice on caring for your leather product correctly, articles on fashion and the latest trends in color and style for luxury bags.

www.gleniboutique.com / www.gleniboutique.it / www.gleniboutique.fr / www.gleniboutique.ru – is our Gleni Boutique, or better our online fashion Boutique, where you can find all the bags and belts available in our showroom, ready for immediate despatch. This shop is closely linked to another enterprise, as you will see, on every product page there is a link which takes you directly to our Craftsman Laboratory, to the page of the article you previously had selected in the Boutique, where you are given the option of ordering this item exactly as you would like it, selecting its color and leather.

www.gleni.it/blog/ – is the blog which you are visiting right now. Click here to see how this blog is organised and what categories it is made up of.

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