Are high quality products exclusively linked to famous brands?

January 7, 2011 0 By sonia.massi

Nowadays, physical appearance is extremely important for everybody; people judge us at first glance, starting with what we wear and how we look.

my-it-bagWe certainly prefer wearing designer label luxury clothes and when we go shopping, we are more disposed to spend a higher sum and buy something exclusive in an exclusive Boutique, rather than save our money by choosing a more ordinary accessory, just because we want to look as perfect and fashionable as possible and be judged positively by the people we meet.

According to some recent statistics, the purchase of luxury goods, despite the fact that they are considered a niche market, has significantly increased, counting for 10% of the total market. Such goods are not very affordable in price but they assure prestige to the person wearing them and sometimes these considerations are beyond price tags.

Luxury items are above all bought as gifts, such as corporative gifts, social gifts or special presents to give to one’s beloved on the occasion of a special anniversary.

Trade in luxury products is seeing a substantial increase also thanks to the development of the internet which allows everybody to keep up to date on the very latest fashion trends and designer label luxury accessories, in real time, with just one click. To learn more about great labels, fashion online is the fastest and easiest alternative.

However, as we mentioned above, luxury designer accessories are a Must in fashion trends and as status symbols even though they are not at all cheap; but, rather, often extremely expensive, affordable only to rich people. They are only a dream for the average person, who can only wish to win the lottery so that they can buy these so desirable luxury designer items without any difficulty, or else give up the idea of ever having the genuine article, falling back on cheaper replicas instead.

Yes, but are high quality products exclusively linked to famous brand names?

What are the most important qualities defining a luxury item?

And are luxury items synonymous with designer labels or is there a valid luxury alternative to over-priced branded products?

Many people, above all young people, think that an item can be considered a luxury accessory only if it has a designer label or belongs to a special branded collection.

They are not totally wrong because a luxury branded item should be crafted with care and attention to detail, according to the most modern and innovative technologies  and using very resilient and gorgeous hardware.

However, the brand does not always guarantee that a product is a genuine luxury item; an accessory, to qualify as a genuine luxury product should satisfy certain requirements and just the fact of belonging to a special designer collection does not automatically mean it has all the distinctive qualities of a “luxury item”.

Products achieve the status of “luxury products” only when they are manufactured by experienced artisans in the full respect of the laws characterizing genuine craftsmanship, with  particular attention given to every smallest detail and finishing, using top quality fabrics, leathers or accessories. A genuine “luxury item” has to be the result of a fine project where every element has been deeply taken in consideration and analyzed, in order to assure a creation that is out of the ordinary in style and design, comfortable and long lasting, despite the passing of time.

luxury bagLuxury products are so called because they are not made in a production line but are unique pieces, each with its own charm and characteristics.

Luxury accessories are perceived as luxurious by the public simply because there is nothing ordinary about the quality, process and components of these goods. They assume a special importance and value just because they are finer than ordinary everyday products and each one has its own prestige, its own qualities and its own refinement.

So, when we are looking for a luxury accessory for ourselves or as a gift for someone special in our life, we should pay attention to what we are buying and where we buy it from, because only specialist stores and boutiques can offer us this kind of product, regardless of the famous brand.

When you enter a shop, interested in purchasing something really exclusive, you should ask for products with a certificate of warranty which attests to both the quality of the materials used and the country where the item itself has been manufactured.

Handmade products are usually all provided with a certificate of warranty (if made with high quality materials)  and this will certainly help you to choose the best item for you or for your relatives.

So, if you wish to purchase a luxury product, you don’t have to focus your attention exclusively on designer label items, because there are many other quality products that, even without the designer label, can offer you the same high quality and prestige of a name brand item, but at a more affordable price, so that, you too, can finally adopt your “luxury style” and become a “fashion icon”, admired and appreciated by everybody around you without spending a fortune.

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