Beige: the must-have color for Fall/Winter 2010-2011

September 27, 2010 0 By sonia.massi

Do you want to look extremely fashionable this winter?

Are you updating your wardrobe with new clothes but don’t know which styles and colors are the top ones for the fall-winter season 2010/2011?

If you are a true fashionista, you probably already know that, this winter will be mainly defined by the return of a restrained elegant look which, as suggested by our most famous designers, should enhance the woman’s femininity and silhouette. Trousers and skirts have a classic line, worn with  chunky knit sweaters, while long cardigans are worn as coats. Legs are often on show under gorgeous mini dresses while jackets are made of cashmere or fur.

Precious fabrics such as silk, lace or satin are used to create luxury evening dresses and plenty of sheer fabrics have an important role in enhancing the woman’s beauty.

However, the most important news for this winter is in the choice of color: very vivid tonalities that give the woman brightness and glamour, contrasting with the grayness of the winter days. Colors such as purple, red or sky blue (very strong shades typically used in spring or in summer) have been adopted by our famous Italian designers either for dresses or accessories to brighten our look wherever we are, at work just as much as for a special event. No matter where we are, our look should be dominated by color.

But which is the top color of the new winter season, the Must-have winter shade of this year?


Black will continue its usual success being an evergreen, classic color which always guarantees a woman absolute elegance and refinement, but it dominates less than in past years. The top spot in the rank of prestigious colors will be occupied this year by a very elegant shade, restrained but at the same time dynamic, the perfect fusion between style and refinement: BEIGE.

This color has been chosen by many stylists and fashion designers as the main tonality characterizing their latest fall-winter collections and it is already featured in the most famous fashion magazines as a MUST for next season, a shade that you can’t do without in your wardrobe if you want to look beautiful and stylish at all times.

Available in its many different shades (from light beige to camel, from sand to turtledove) BEIGE is a gorgeous tonality, going easily with every other color thanks to its naturalness and its sobriety, but it is vivid enough to give your look brightness and charm, whether you wear it during the day or at night.

This color will soon take over the luxury shop windows of the top designer boutiques all over the world, combined with other fashionable shades such as light pink, dark grey or bordeaux or on its own and it will be used on everything: skirts, T-shirts, sweaters, pants and fur coats.

No matter whether you are blond, red haired or brunette: beige will perfectly adapt to your style and to your physical appearance, enhancing each quality, thanks to its soft elegance and restrained sensuality.

However, if you don’t want to go over the top with a totally beige look, you can always wear a bordeaux or a brown dress with natural beige accessories such as belts, handbags or boots.

The choices are endless, according to your tastes and your style but the final effect will certainly be the same: nobody will be able to help looking at you with admiration, appreciating the care you have put into every detail of your look.

Then, if you’d like to combine this wonderful color with the elegance and the luxury guaranteed by an exotic leather accessory, you can visit our Gleni Boutique at and take a look at all our beige handbags and accessories available for immediate delivery.

If you are a dynamic business woman, spending most of the day at work or with colleagues and clients, you certainly need a wide tote to hold your personal effects as well as your office documents in perfect order, such as our 4809 (very light beige with ivory shadings), our 4731 (with golden streaks) or our 4810 (incredibly fashionable in its particular design).

On the other hand, if you need a classic handbag at your side, to ensure comfort and elegance in every situation, we can suggest handbag 3792 made of genuine python skin in Panna or handbag 3785A in a half moon shape.

Do you need a refined clutch to go with that long black evening dress for the occasion of an important gala? Don’t worry!!! We have the perfect solution for you, so that you look sensual and totally chic at night too. Clutch 3815 is  just right for you, very small in size but incredibly neat and elegant, with a detachable python strap. However, if this one isn’t your style, we can also suggest our model 3799 in beige python skin, with a classic style but very trendy and refined.

These are just some suggestions to enrich your look with a refined trendy beige accessory but, when you visit our Gleni Boutique you will certainly find many other possible solutions to make your winter season absolutely chic and fashionable!

So, don’t waste any time! Enter our Gleni Boutique now and discover the perfect beige accessory for you!

Winter is just around the corner; don’t let it catch you unprepared!

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