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June 3rd, 2011
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Boutique Bargains: a new category in our online shop with lots of interesting surprises!

Boutique BargainsWe’ve just introduced a new category to our Gleni Boutique where you can find many items at the unbelievable discount of 30% off the original price, every single day.

Summer has arrived already in much of Europe and, with the coming of the warm weather, we all feel the need to renew our look and our style, going in search of something exclusive that will be at the forefront of fashion trends this summer 2011 and that will become a Must Have of this season.

Opening our wardrobe, we realize that most of the clothes still hanging there will have to go because they are out of fashion both in color and in line, and the same unfortunately also goes for the accessories which, even though they are still in good condition, will have to be put aside because they don’t reflect the essential style of this summer 2011 and, for this reason, if worn, they would certainly make us look old fashioned and unstylish.

Our first thought, in this situation, is to get in the car and drive to the nearest town looking for a trendy (but not too expensive) shop where we can find something that will completely satisfy our desire for change, a refined and exclusive item that lives up to the latest fashion rules, or  an accessory of undisputed beauty and style that really enhances our look, so that we look beautiful and attractive in any situation.

However, beautiful and high quality items, that will last forever and preserve their natural beauty over time, are very expensive, while cheaper products, even from the start, reveal their poor quality and really don’t do anything to enhance our look but, on the contrary, they diminish it.

What can we do in this situation?

Should we be content to buy a single item of good quality but at an exorbitant price, or should we focus our attention on quantity and purchase various accessories of dubious quality even if they are pretty at first sight?

We are faced with a dilemma that seems really impossible to resolve.

But, there is a possible solution which is very advantageous both for your look and for your pocket… and it is, of course, proposed to you by Gleni!!!

In fact, just a few days ago we have introduced a new category to our Gleni Boutique. It is especially designed for all those customers who have always loved our handbags and would like to own at least one in their life but who  haven’t yet been able to realize  their dream because of the “substantial prices” of products.

This new category is called “Boutique Bargains” and here you will find  a wide range of handbags in a variety of colors and models, available right now at the unbelievably discounted price of 30% off the original price.

The discounted items are randomly chosen by our system from those on the shelves of our Gleni Boutique and entered into the “Boutique Bargains” category, so you could even find handbags and accessories from our latest collection here, ones that were only put on display a few weeks ago.

Every day, the system will select two items to be entered into the “Boutique Bargains” category at a discounted price of 30% off, They will remain at this price for only five days, then they will return to their original price.

Yes, you have understood: the products inserted into the Boutique Bargains will be available at a discounted price for five days only, starting from the day they are entered into the category. So, don’t waste any time; visit this section of Gleni Boutique immediately, because you could find that very handbag you love so much at a really special price!

Please note: the price shown on the label will not have been discounted yet!. The discount will be automatically calculated by the system at the moment you put the item into the cart. If the final price still seems too expensive for you or it doesn’t satisfy your expectations, there’s no problem; simply empty the cart and go in search of another item you like among the ones available at a discounted price!!!

Would you like to know the conditions of this category in more detail? Or, can you simply not wait to visit Boutique Bargains and discover if the handbag you love so much and day dream constantly about, is waiting for you among the discounted bags?

Then, all you have to do is access the following link: and…………….enjoy it!!!

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