Caring for your exotic leather handbag

July 1, 2010 0 By sonia.massi

We are at last ready go off on vacation for a relaxing time at the beach or in the mountains, so it’s time to put away some  of our favourite handbags as  most of them aren’t suitable to come with us on a casual vacation.

Caring for your exotic leather handbag

We need to protect them and store them perfectly if we wish to keep them as beautiful and well shaped as when we bought them.

In particular, we have to pay special attention to our exotic leather handbags, because, even though they are strong and resilient, sun, rain and dirt can damage them during the summer season.

It would be better to store our best handbags in a secure, dry place until we return from our holidays.

But, what should you do to care for them properly?

  • To start with, you should gently stuff them with paper (tissue paper would be best but if you haven’t any at home, you can certainly use plain white paper) to help them to maintain their original shape. This is the most important thing for a bag, especially for a rigid bag. If you have the impression that your handbag is losing its original shape, don’t hesitate to stuff it with paper, trying to re-model it.
  • You can clean a natural leather handbag with a cleanser or simply with the cleansing milk. If it’s a suede bag you should only use an appropriate suede brush (nothing else!). exotic leather handbags should just be cleaned with a soft cloth. You have to pay attention to your bag if you want to keep it always looking good!
  • If you have some tissue paper left, you should wrap the bags with it and then store them in cotton bags (the ones that we gave you at the time of purchase). If you haven’t got them any more, you can use  pillowcases, but YOU SHOULD NEVER put them in  plastic bags, because inside a plastic bag your handbag leather cannot breathe and could sustain serious damage.
  • You should keep your bags away from bright light and any sources of heat. You also have to pay attention not to crush them.  If your handbag has a soft shape, it would not be badly damaged but it’s always better  preventing  any kind of  crushing, by storing your bags in boxes, side by side.

If you are able to store your bags correctly, they will certainly remain as good as new for many years, especially if they are  made of exotic leather, such as python, crocodile or ostrich. With appropriate care, these leathers will remain as good as new for ever… because these skins are always fashionable.

Do you have an exotic leather bag that you use daily and that you would like to know how to care for on a daily basis?

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