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Here you will find many different articles written by us or by our valuable collaborators, about the latest fashion trends in terms of bags and accessories and about the genuine MADE IN ITALY, as well as texts already published in our catalogues and also translations of relevant articles that we think you might find especially interesting.

Latest Style Handbags

February 9, 2009 1
Latest style handbags

Women are very particular about the type of handbag they use because it is considered one of the most intimate accessories of women. Most of their secrets will remain hidden in their handbags. They are one of the very personal belongings of women. So women pay great attention while selecting their handbags. They spend a lot of time in selecting their purses and handbags and they also spend a lot of money to buy their favorite handbags.

There are different types of handbags style. Some of them have traditional look for those who prefer antique looks. While others have modern and contemporary looks for those who prefer to look trendy.

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Paris fashion week: new proposals and much criticism

February 4, 2009 1
Paris fashion week: the men’s autumn-winter 2009/2010 collections

Last Sunday, January the 25th, Paris Fashion Week switched off its reflectors on the men’s autumn-winter 2009/2010 collections presented by the most famous French fashion houses and emerging designers. As you already know, this important show was preceded by another fashion event, Milan Fashion week where many world famous and Italian designers presented their own collections. Because of the closeness of these two events, fashion journalists and critics have had the opportunity to analyze and compare both these “fashion weeks” in a very detailed way and many criticisms have been made of both the events.

Before discussing this subject, let’s see in more detail what was proposed at the Paris fashion week by French designers:

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January 30, 2009 0

Starting today, January the 30th, until February the 3rd, Rome will be the wonderful setting of the ALTA ROMA FASHION EVENT, an important show in which some Italian and foreign fashion houses take part in order to present their new creations. This year, the list of designers seems shorter than last year, probably due to the economic crisis which has obliged many fashion houses to postpone the showing of their new models.

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Dear Men, Will your tote bags still be fashionable next year?

January 30, 2009 1
comfortable tote bag

Many of the top, world famous fashion houses took part in this show and it would be almost impossible describe each of them in detail. So we have decided to concentrate just on those designers who, more than others, have prioritized the usage of prestigious exotic leathers in the making of their masterpieces or have re-proposed the use of handbags and suitcases for men too, because, in our opinion, they are more relevant to our business and to our projects than the others.

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