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Here you will find many different articles written by us or by our valuable collaborators, about the latest fashion trends in terms of bags and accessories and about the genuine MADE IN ITALY, as well as texts already published in our catalogues and also translations of relevant articles that we think you might find especially interesting.

How Big Should Your Handbag Be?

January 28, 2009 1
Big bag

Big bags are great, we all love them. A big bag like a tote can take everything we need for work or play. They are both practical and flattering for most women, making us look slimmer and more petite by comparison with the size of the bag. Since the fashion for big bags began our handbag has been even more versatile, often replacing briefcases for professional women as they find their tote makes a far more elegant and better looking work bag. Mothers of small children no longer have to lug around unstylish nappy bags but can find designer bags big enough to fit everything in and look chic too.

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“Nova età” in Florence

January 26, 2009 0
Nova età

Nova età (“New age” in English) is a special fashion evening brought about thanks to the cooperation of the Province and Quartiere 1 with several Italian fashion schools.

The event will see forty old women (aged between 75 and 94) accompanied by forty young girls wearing the clothes of the 50’s alongside those of today. About 160 students, have taken part in the organization of this evening! They have created the new dresses and rediscovered the vintage ones stuffed inside old armchairs or in vintage clothing shops but they have also put together all the music, lighting, videos and pictures that will be shown during the event.

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Milan Fashion Week: Men’s Autumn-Winter 2009/2010 collections

January 26, 2009 2
Milan Fashion Week  2009-2010

From January the 17th till January the 20th, Milan was once again the center of one of the most important fashion events in the world: Milan fashion week, which this year was concentrated into just four days in order to allow journalists and designers to fly to Paris and take part in Paris fashion week, which started already on January the 21st.
This edition of the Milano Fashion Week saw the participation of about thirty-eight important labels, which presented the image of a classic, elegant man, a business man who takes care of himself and of his look.

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Can Pockets Ever Replace Handbags?

January 23, 2009 0
Pockets are the new Handbag!?

Lately we’ve come across a few articles in the fashion press enthusing about a new trend. “Pockets are the new Handbag,” they proclaim. “The fashion for pockets is fast replacing handbags. The It bag is out!” As handbag lovers we clutch our favorite bag closer to our side and swear that never will we be parted from it, no matter what the latest trend.

But is this really a major trend or just a short-lived high street fad?

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