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Here you will find many different articles written by us or by our valuable collaborators, about the latest fashion trends in terms of bags and accessories and about the genuine MADE IN ITALY, as well as texts already published in our catalogues and also translations of relevant articles that we think you might find especially interesting.

Pitti W Woman: the new women’s styles for the 2009/2010 autumn-winter season

January 21, 2009 1
Pitti W Woman

Along with Pitti Uomo, another important fashion event, now in its third year, has animated the entire fashion world: Pitti W Woman, the female answer to Pitti Uomo , presented a preview of the new women’s 2009/2010 autumn-winter fashion collections which will be then presented in more detail at the Milano and Paris shows in a few months’ time. Pitti W Woman has developed between Via Valfonda and Villa Vittoria, still in Florence, even though the most acclaimed guest of this prestigious event, Mr. Giambattista Valli had the honor of presenting his collection at the Palazzo Vecchio, an important historic palace full of Renaissance masterpieces, and the seat of political power in sixteenth century.

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Pitti Uomo: the new men’s styles for the 2009/2010 autumn-winter season

January 21, 2009 3
Pitti Uomo Florenze

A few days ago, Florence was the main protagonist in one of the most relevant fashion events in the world: Pitti Uomo, a special event in which many famous brands and a large number of emerging new designers take part to present their innovative proposals for the new men’s 2009-2010 autumn-winter fashion collections. This fashion show is seen by the top fashion houses as the opening of the new international fashion season because it announces the trendiest styles and colors which will characterize the subsequent fashion events in Milan, Paris and Rome.

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The ten trendiest colors of 2009

January 16, 2009 1

Are you a very stylish person, who loves keeping up with fashion trends and revels in gorgeous colors?
Do you like wearing fashionable shades which complement you and your personality? If you are a follower of trendy styles and colors, this article is just for you!
Looking at what was presented last September during the European fashion weeks, we have decided to make an easy reference list of the top ten trendiest colors for 2009, so you can refresh your mind and plan your wardrobe according to this years coolest colors. So let’s start with our catalogue: which are the ten trendiest colors of 2009?

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What should I wear for my new year’s eve party?

December 29, 2008 1
New Year festivities

Once you’ve bought the last Christmas present and written out your shopping lists for all your Christmas meals, one big dilemma still remains: “WHAT SHALL I WEAR FOR NEW YEAR’S EVE?”. Because we at Gleni share these same problems, I thought I would do a bit of research, looking around and investigating on the Web and checking out the Fashion Weeks, to find some useful suggestions that will help you look beautiful during such a fantastic and glittering time.

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