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Italian Handbags: Shining Through History

September 8, 2015 2

The handbag has been a much-used accessory ever since ancient times. The oldest and most thriving Italian cities bear witness to that. In fact every Italian city where trade and commerce flourished had its own quarter or street of bag-makers (Via dei Borsai), outstanding artisans who specialized in making beautiful purses and bags.

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Are Christmas traditions the same all over the world?

January 16, 2011 0
Christmas traditions

Back to work and to our daily routine after an intense period of festivity, how many of you are still thinking about the way they have spent their Christmas period, enjoying the excitement of children waiting for their gifts, the hugs and greetings of families meeting up together, the feasting, the laughter, the lights and the good and delicious culinary dishes to eat? It’s a delicious thought, remembering these few

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