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The food specialities of our Piceno region

August 6, 2010 0
The food specialities of our Piceno region

Are you planning your summer vacation but have not yet decided on the destination?

Are you tired of the average summer resorts, full of people and noise everywhere day and night?

Would you like to spend your holiday in a peaceful country area, where you can finally relax and re – discover your connection with Nature and the natural rhythms and traditions?

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What do Italians eat on Christmas Day?

December 28, 2009 0

Christmas has just gone by  and everybody here in Italy organized a delicious Christmas lunch to delight and impress their invited relatives and friends with many delicious Christmas dishes!!!! Christmas is probably the most heartfelt celebration here in Italy and there are a few typical culinary dishes which are exclusively prepared at Christmas time by…

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April 29, 2009 1
Handcrafts trade fair

Italy has long been renowned world over for its fine traditions of craftsmanship, and has been the source of countless unique masterpieces over the centuries. Italian manufacturers have a fine reputation for their excellent taste, which reflects in their products, and have never stopped producing top quality luxury goods, using the skills and expertise passed from generation to generation over several centuries.

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