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Here we will present all our new handbag and prestigious leather accessory collections, also letting you know the best-selling items of the moment and offering you some practical advice about purchasing exactly the right bag to completely satisfy both your heart and your soul.

Beige or Gray: which color suits you best?

February 6, 2009 0
Beige color python leather clutche

This year 2009 is mainly characterized by the return of classic colors, perennial shades which are always in vogue, despite the passing of time. Black and white are the ultimate in high fashion but they are not the only colors for the 2009. Italian designers and fashion houses have re proposed more shaded light colors such as grey and beige, either in combination with black or white or as a principal color in themselves.

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How Big Should Your Handbag Be?

January 28, 2009 1
Big bag

Big bags are great, we all love them. A big bag like a tote can take everything we need for work or play. They are both practical and flattering for most women, making us look slimmer and more petite by comparison with the size of the bag. Since the fashion for big bags began our handbag has been even more versatile, often replacing briefcases for professional women as they find their tote makes a far more elegant and better looking work bag. Mothers of small children no longer have to lug around unstylish nappy bags but can find designer bags big enough to fit everything in and look chic too.

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