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Our main aim is make Gleni’s work accessible to people all around the world , even to those who aren’t very familiar with the Internet or experienced in online shopping, those who, almost always, feel insecure and don’t know how to go ahead with a purchase, once they’ve opened the homepage of the store. We will offer our visitors a very detailed explanation, a sort of “step by step” guide, to help them understand how to access the interesting and amazing world of online shopping without any fear, in absolute safety and freedom (referring, of course, to our own sites) .

Why do I receive Alerts? (Wholesalers Catalog)

February 17, 2009 1

Since we often receive e-mails with this question, we thought we should explain more about them. The alerts that you receive are directly authorized by you when you register with us. In the registration form, there is a pre-ticked box which says: “I want to receive Alerts about new Products”. ************************* If you change your…

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Choosing your Handbag Color in our Craftsman Laboratory – a Step by Step Guide

September 28, 2008 0
Choosing colors

This page is a step by step guide to one of our two online shops: the Craftsman Laboratory. As you already know, the Craftsman Laboratory is different from our Gleni Boutique, as it gives you the opportunity of choosing the style of handbag you like the best and then personalizing it with your choice of color and leather, from the selection currently available.

Here we’d like to

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