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February 5, 2010 0 By sonia.massi

Valentine’s Day: how can you surprise your lover?


Saint Valentine’s Day, celebrated on February the 14th by many people throughout the world, is the feast of love, symbolizing the deep feeling which joins two people and is supposed to last for  eternity. Everybody who is engaged or married, young or old, breathes a special atmosphere on this day, a sort of inner happiness and excitement, and would like to do all the best he can do to express all his love to his partner, surprising her in any way.

There are people who organize romantic cruises on a boat on Saint Valentine’s day, hiring it for just one night and spending a lot of money, or people who surprise their partners with something exclusive such as a last minute holiday to the Caribbean Islands or something similar.

However there are also many people who don’t feel that a very expensive present is required to demonstrate the extent of their love but, that, on the contrary, prefer to surprise their lovers with small gifts, probably buying them something they have been wanting for a long time like a special CD, a dress or perfume. These presents may not be as grand a gesture as a cruise but they are just as much a symbol of love for the beloved person, showing that you understand her tastes and, for this reason, they are very often more appreciated than other more expensive but less personal gifts.

The cost of the gift we give our partner is not important; what really matters is that our present comes up to or exceeds his/her expectations of us.

For example, if our partner, walking down the street, stops in front of a shop window and hints to us about something she likes very much and which, she can’t take her eyes off, and then on Valentine’s day, she opens our gift to find exactly what she was hoping to receive from us, we can be confident that our gift is more precious and beautiful than any other surprise for our partner, even better than a cruise or exotic travel.

Saint Valentine’s day is a special time to show all your love to your partner: do it by offering him a meaningful gift, something as long lasting and precious as your love, but also something that takes into consideration his tastes and inclinations, something which makes him feel really important and loved.

However, sometimes is very difficult to find the perfect gift for our man or our woman, even if we  know their tastes well, because ordinary presents can be uninspired and we don’t want to look unimaginative and dull, while special gifts are always expensive.

What can we buy for our partner on Saint Valentine’s day, so that we can be original and sensitive without spending the earth?

Gleni know well how many women (men too) love luxury accessories to put the finishing touches to their look, so they look perfectly impeccable and refined in each occasion and in any situation, both at work and in their spare time. However luxury goods come at a price which very often makes them inaccessible to many people. So, it often happens that we give up the idea of buying a luxury python belt or an ostrich leather wallet because of their cost.

How many times have you visited our website to find something for you or for your partner but, after a long search, you haven’t gone through with the payment because it was too much in total?

You certainly know that the cost of our hand made goods is justified by the top quality exotic leathers which are used and by the process of manufacture which is 100% Made in Italy, but that doesn’t mean that you wouldn’t be glad to buy them at a lower price than the actual one.

We unfortunately can’t satisfy this desire forever but we can do it on the occasion of Saint Valentine’s feast, especially for you to visit our website and buy a special gift for your lover, a long lasting present worthy of your love, but still saving your money!!!!

Yes, it’s not a joke!!!!

From February the 5st to February the 13th, you will receive a special discount of 20% on the purchase of our women’s and men’s python belts and wallets available in our Gleni Boutique for immediate delivery. Even better, there is a 30% discount on our genuine crocodile belts which are ready to ship. This special discount will be directly calculated by us at the moment of your  purchase request via e-mail and will be applied as long as you choose the wire transfer as method of payment.

For the duration of this promotion, the usual discount of 5% applied to the purchase of goods from our Gleni Boutique through a wire transfer, and the regular discounts applied to the purchase of two or more items will be suspended.

Delivery time, as usual, will take 7working days, starting from the day that payment is received by us, so we suggest that you make your purchase immediately, if you have found the perfect gift for your lover (or just for yourself) among the items on promotion, so that you can receive it in time for your special Saint Valentine’s day.

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Don’t miss the opportunity to surprise your lover with a precious exclusive luxury gift;

Be original and choose a present which is long lasting, eternal like your love for him/her;

Be savvy and offer your lover all the best at a very exclusive price;


Choose Gleni and your lover’s dream will be transformed into a wonderful reality!!!!!

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