DOCTOR’s BAGS: a Must for fall-winter 2012/2013

December 19, 2012 0 By sonia.massi

Until just a few months ago, it was the soft unstructured bag that topped the list of the trendiest looks of the season, whether small or large, colourful or simply black, elegant or casual. Now however trends have taken a U-turn with a new model of handbag taking the fashion world by storm, a bag that is literally conquering the hearts of women of all ages: the DOCTOR’S BAG.

But what is the doctor’s bag? How is it made? Why has it suddenly become so popular, above all among fashion lovers, even earning itself the accolade of IT BAG?

The DOCTOR’S BAG, as the name itself suggests, is a model of handbag whose shape has been strongly influenced by the functional bags traditionally carried by doctors:  a bag with square lines and short, quite rigid handles. It is a very well-structured bag and, for this reason, works perfectly with any kind of leather or fabric.

Dimensions can  vary: we have wide and roomy doctor bags to use instead of a classic office bag for your working day, or small doctor bags to go with an elegant evening dress, for a more involving and sensual look.

In both cases, however, we can assure you that, despite its rather classic and defined appearance (it reminds us of  our grand-mothers’ handbags, so simple but always refined) the doctor’s bag will surprise you with its chic and always fashionable style and for its complete versatility in going with any kind of look, from the trendiest to the simplest,, from the most elegant to the most casual.

Many designers have specifically chosen the doctor’s bag as the focus of their winter accessories collections, each interpreting it with their signature style.

Some designers, such as Proenza Schouler, opt for a totally black version of the doctor’s bag, while others, such as our Miuccia Prada, propose it in purple with yellow and orange floral applications. Dolce & Gabbana, on the other hand, cover their doctor bag with pearls and sequins, for a really glittering effect.

Zagliani offers a version in softest genuine python while, for Louis Vuitton, this model is perfect made from genuine crocodile in green.

Here at Gleni, we too were well prepared for the overwhelming success of this handbag, and, in our winter collection, (already shown in detail in our previous blog articles), and in our Gleni Boutique, we have created many different varieties of doctor’s bags, focusing our attention not only on the different types of exotic leather that have always characterized our creations, but also on the structure and on the hardware completing the bag, to satisfy even the most demanding of our customers.

As well as using python and alligator skin, our staff decided to experiment with two further exotic leathers of equal prestige and refinement, ostrich and anaconda. In some of our models of doctor’s bag, these two leathers have been used together to give more movement to the item and make it absolutely original but  nonetheless elegant and chic.

Where anaconda is used on its own, we have given the leather a velvety effect,  to make this handbag absolutely special even while retaining its natural simplicity, and enriching everything with high quality gold or silver hardware and buckles, selected according to the shade of the leather itself.

As far as the ostrich doctor’s bag is concerned, we wanted to transform this classic and structured model into an original and unique accessory, focusing on the special qualities of ostrich leather. We have opted for a kind of ostrich leather with a satin effect which, besides giving brightness to the whole accessory, creates a pleasant sensation of softness to the touch;  to look at the handbag seems to be made with satin rather than ostrich. The element that, however, reveals the real nature of the leather is the follicles themselves (the remaining traces of the original plumage) distributed evenly over the whole surface.

Our line of ostrich doctor bags obviously also includes items made with classic ostrich skin, for all those women who love pure and classic elegance.

Very special too is the combination of python and alligator within the same model, perfectly amalgamated so that, at first sight, it seems that one leather is the natural extension of the other rather than two separate exotic leathers.

For lovers of python, we have created really capacious and extremely refined doctor’s bags where the colour of the leather used  gives movement and originality to the item; really intense and dynamic shades create attractive nuances and plays of light, making the handbag simply unique.

What can we then say about our doctor bags made from with soft crocodile and alligator? The structured and well-finished line of this model perfectly matches the delicate softness of alligator; its warm tonalities from cognac to dark brown, from black to caramel, give life to a luxury and prestigious accessory, a handbag that won’t certainly let you go unnoticed but that, on the contrary, will speak of you and of your love for beautiful things and for the style branded Made in Italy.

Do you want to discover the doctor’s bags from our latest Gleni Fall/Winter collection 2012-2013  in more detail; and maybe, in honour of the imminent Christmas festivities, treat yourself to a gift or, simply, make a special and exclusive present to your partner?

Just visit our section Exclusive Styles of Doctor Bags in our Gleni Boutique and… choose the Doctor’s Bag that will accompany you this season, making you look chic and always in step with the times without losing sight of the high quality and style distinguishing every product with the Gleni label.

Enjoy choosing!

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