Electric blue luxury handbags: the hottest color for a fantastic summer!!!

May 5, 2009 0 By admin

Are you tired of always wearing the same soft classic colors both in winter and in summer?

Are you unhappy with your everyday look and wanting to change it so you look more gorgeous and seductive?

Electric blue luxury handbagThis summer you can transform yourself and your style, giving it a touch of color and joy, thanks to the vibrant new fashion colors proposed by the most famous designers and fashion houses for this season. Many gorgeous, dynamic colors are just waiting for you to make your summer incredibly fashionable and trendy and your look irresistible and seductive.

Red, purple, emerald green, violet, orange, yellow, turquoise, gold, silver, white…..these are the most fashionable tonalities of this summer 2009, an incredible explosion of happiness and positive energy which will turn a lunch with friends or a summer evening party into a special occasion to show your stunningly elegant look and be admired and appreciated by everyone around you.

Among the trendiest colors of this summer, an important role is played by the very new electric blue tone, a bright blue shade created especially for this 2009 season. But what does “electric blue” mean?

Looking at this color, we can say that electric blue is a gorgeous blend of dark blue and sky-blue with a spark of vividness. It can be considered as a sort of medium blue with softer and darker shadings creating a special chiaroscuro contrast, making the item itself incredibly refined and attractive.

Electric blue is the perfect summer color for the fashionable woman who likes adopting a trendy style both at work and during her spare time, because this tonality is striking and unusual but not over the top or vulgar. It can be worn with any other color because its many shadings make electric blue a multi-faceted tone and once your wear it, we can assure you that you will definitely get noticed: this shade will give you elegance, prestige and class. Everybody will look at you with admiration (and women with envy too because they wish they looked as stunning as you).

Many world-famous designers have proposed electric blue as the predominant color of their summer creations; dresses, jackets, trousers, jewels, shoes and bags…..everything is electric blue, as if the summer woman of 2009 should be completely immersed in this new “celestial tone”.

We personally liked this color very much as soon as we saw it, because it is joyful, sunny and extremely elegant (especially for an evening party or a special occasion), so we have decided to combine this special attractive color with our genuine python leather, creating a new variant of our trapper python shades. The final result is what you can see in the picture below: a perfect mix of refinement, prestige and modernity. We have created this electric blue shade as faithfully as possible to the original tone proposed by designers, then we have applied this dye to our python skin, letting it absorb the color slowly, with no hurry. Each scale, each smallest section of our python leather absorbs the color in a different way, according to the nature of the skin itself and the intensity of the electric blue dye. Corresponding to the python skin’s natural design, the color seems softer where the python patterns are enhanced in black, while  the unpatterned lateral scales absorb the dye more vividly, creating, in this way, a very gorgeous  contrast of shades. The skin has been given a final gloss coating to accentuate this contrast and make our electric blue python accessories even more stylish and seductive. If you like, this color can be also created in the matt version, without the final polishing process but, we can assure you, that the gloss version is more gorgeous, beautiful and trendy than the matt one.

At the moment, only a few handbags in the electric blue python skin are still available in our show room for  immediate delivery, because most of the accessories in this new color have been sold as soon as they appeared in our Gleni Boutique or during our latest promotional weeks.  However, don’t worry because all the luxury handbags and accessories from both past and newest collections can be ordered in this stunning new color without any problem.

Feel free to contact us via e-mail at cristina@gleni.it or at the phone number +39 0735657565 to receive more detailed information.

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