European fashion: what should you wear this winter 2009/2010?

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European fashion: what should you wear this winter 2009/2010? Which handbags will be most fashionable next season?

Summer is going to an end in Europe and throughout the Northern Hemisphere, but we are still captured by the joyful atmosphere of this warm season. We think about our recent holidays with melancholy, trying to live at new, in our mind, those wonderful days of absolute relax, far from our job. Thousands of thoughts populate our mind , but one thing is sure: nobody is thinking ahead to the winter season, or about what they will wear next autumn-winter 2009/2010. Winter still seems a long way off and we put off dealing with it until the first cold weather arrives.

fall-2009However, we are already in September so it’s time to , refresh our  memory on what will be fashionable next autumn-winter 2009/2010, providing you with some useful suggestions so that you will be prepared and will always look trendy and stylish for every special occasion.

Do you remember which are the most fashionable trends in clothing and accessories for next fall – winter 2009/2010? Which is the “cult style” for next season, according to what was proposed by the top European designers during the latest European fashion weeks?

The key words of next winter’s fashion are “classical” and “back to the roots of elegance”. Designers in fact are inspired by the luxury style of the past, in particular by the 70’s and the 80’s.

Leather will be a must-have next autumn-winter 2009/2010, but always in black or dark brown. It is being used for elegantly restrained leather mini dresses, mini skirts and shorts, stretch leather leggings or seductive corsets, as well as  leather accessories such as gloves, handbags and shoes.

Italian and French designers also use genuine leather for ankle-length coats, some of which are also decorated with fur. Fur is used for trimming mid-length skirts too and it can either be classic black or brightly colored, like the shocking orange-red fur coat proposed by the Italian Gianbattista Valli at the latest Paris fashion week.

Black fishnet tights are also totally on-trend, emphasizing woman’s sensuality, setting off her perfect legs, which are revealed by very short skirts made of leather or fabric. Besides the sexy fishnet tights however, we can also find more restrained opaque and sheer tights, both decorated and colorful, whose main role is keeping the woman’s legs warm, while still showing off her natural beauty and sex appeal.

Trousers won’t be so fashionable, next autumn-winter 2009/2010, replaced by the skirt, the lead player of this cold season, but if you do want to wear them, don’t forget that they absolutely must be high-waisted in order to highlight your perfect waist-line.

Maxi shirts over stretch lurex or leather leggings will be the ultimate in fashion next winter, above all if the shirt is made in a lamè color such as gold or bordeaux.

And what about the materials used?

As already mentioned above, leather will be the most popular material next fall-winter 2009/2010, being versatile and suitable for every use. But take note, leather is only fashionable in black or brown; except for waist-length jackets, which can  be made in beige natural leather too. Besides leather, we also find lurex, especially for skirts and leggings, and cashmere for coats and pullovers but also for mini-dresses.

The evening look, on the other hand, sees the return of very elegant fabrics such as lace, satin or silk, which confer a new dimension on the evening dress, a touch of undisputed elegance and charm.  Woman becomes a “femme fatale” at night and she shines like a shimmering star. Fabrics should be silky and shiny, and very refined, enriched by glittering sequins and decorations everywhere. The must-have color for evening wear, according to designers at the latest European fashion weeks, is black. Black is the color of seduction, of sensuality, and woman, next winter, will be the essence of sensuality, especially at night. Evening dresses are very long and enhanced by plunging necklines and slit skirts, richly trimmed with rhinestones and lace. The perfect slim figure of the woman is further enhanced by very high heels.

If black is the dominant color of the next women’s evening collections for fall-winter 2009/2010, her day-time look will be enlivened by many different tones, some tending to dark shades. Black is everywhere, as is dark brown, especially for leather clothing. Grey will also be very fashionable next year in all its shades, both in pinstriped or in plain versions. Midnight blue, Bordeaux , Wine red, can be considered the “re-discoveries” of next season, very warm colors, ready to give you harmony and a pleasant sensation of wellbeing on cold winter afternoons, while beige, being a classic tone, perfect for every season, continues its success in the fashion field. Emerald green, turquoise, yellow, orange, typical vivid summer colors, will accompany you this winter too, bringing you joy and good humor even when it is raining outside and you can’t go out. Next to them, a privileged position is occupied by purple, which is still fashionable this winter too, both for clothes and for accessories (many designers propose purple clutches for the woman’s evening look), and by fuchsia, the revelation of next autumn-winter 2009-2010. Trousers will be fuchsia, mini dresses will be fuchsia and handbags too will be fuchsia, matching gloves and shoes, for a more gorgeous and charming style.

Metallic colors such as gold and silver are still very current next season too, both for clothes and accessories, above all for the evening look. Snow white, on the contrary, is falling out of favor; it is used by designers only in combination with another color, such as fuchsia or orange. Only a few designers present completely white dresses.

And, what about handbags? Which styles of handbag will be the ultimate in fashion next autumn-winter 2009/2010?

The role of the “handbag” was the focus point of many discussions during the latest European fashion weeks. Many designers maintained that this accessory was no longer fundamental to the expression of a woman’s elegance, especially in a period of economic recession, while others upheld the importance of the handbag, as essential to a woman’s femininity, the secret place where all her life, and all her hidden secrets are jealously guarded.

However, according to the collection of the top fashion houses, next year’s woman will continue to keep her handbag by her side, ready to accompany her in all the adventures she will embark on next winter, a faithful companion in her daily life.

Many designers envisage women at work, always busy meeting with customers and signing important papers. They propose very wide office bags, similar to brief-cases but absolutely gorgeous and elegant, where the business woman can easily keep all her documents, notebook, but also her personal effects, so that she can look fresh and confidant in any situation.

Whether a woman uses her handbag to go to work or to go shopping, she always needs a very wide, practical item that is comfortable but also refined and high quality. The optimal solution? A beautiful tote bag, perhaps made of leather, which can be worn anywhere she wants without any difficulty. Clasped in one hand like a pochette or carried by the handles or, more simply worn on the arm, it will give you the practicality and the comfort of a wide item but, at the same time the elegance and the undisputed style of a perfectly well-finished product.

However, if you don’t like tote bags, because you find them too cumbersome for your slim figure, don’t worry: the other solution proposed by designers for next autumn-winter season in the matter of accessories, is the classic shoulder-bag, whose strap should ideally be wide, for comfort, so as not to burden your shoulder with a heavy weight. However, if you really want to follow the fashion, you shouldn’t wear your handbag on the shoulder but clasp it in your hand like a clutch or hold it by the strap, using the shoulder-strap as a simple handle. It may not be so practical but we can assure you that wearing your handbag like that, you will look incredibly chic.

For the evening look, worn with a long sensual dress glittering with thousands of sparkling sequins, the classic clutch is a Must. Whether made of luxury leather or of satin to match the dress, it complements the woman’s look enhancing her natural beauty. Clutches can be enriched with pearls and decorations or be simply black, with a classic structure, but they all have to be perfectly elegant. Clutches should always be clasped in your hand, even if they have a small golden or silver chain strap. It’s also very chic to hold your clutch by the strap, as a handle, especially if the strap is short.

Some designers promote the use of the clutch during the day too, worn with a classic pinstriped suit, because the woman has to be elegant everywhere and at any time, day or night.

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