Fabulous discounts for a Christmas full of surprises!!!

December 8, 2009 0 By sonia.massi

Christmas is one of the most important and heartfelt celebrations in the world, not only because it symbolizes the day of Christ’s birth but also because it brings a peaceful time of rest and relaxation when friends and families enjoy spending time together in complete harmony and happiness, playing cards, unwrapping gifts and sipping hot drinks by the fire.

Gifts, whether expensive or cheap, big or small, are the main focus of this feast, as symbols of mutual friendship and expressions of love. Everybody spends the last few days before Christmas, looking for something nice to buy for a relative, for a special person or just for a good friend, carried away by this magic air of serenity and deep joy.

And inspired by this happy festive atmosphere, we’d like to wish our kind customers and visitors to our Gleni blog a Merry Christmas and a positive New Year 2010. We hope that you will spend these days in complete harmony and absolute relaxation, surrounded by all the people you love most, with plenty of good cheer and good luck.

And, how better can we wish you all the best, than by proposing a wonderful special offer that you really can’t miss?

For this Christmas 2009, we have decided to go all out and, to all our private customers interested in purchasing something ready to ship from our Gleni Boutique www.gleniboutique.com, we propose a really special discount of 10%, if they choose the wire transfer as method of payment. This promotion started on November the 20th and will be valid until December the 20th (but exclusively on goods available in our Gleni Boutique for immediate delivery and only if you decide to pay for your purchase via wire transfer).

However, there are more surprises still to come!

Starting from December the 21st until January the 7th, when you confirm the purchase of one or more items from our Gleni Boutique, from among the goods available for immediate delivery, and you pay via wire transfer, the discount applied will be between 10% and 40% off the total sum to pay.*

*The above promotion does not apply to our cocco Ligator goods

But please note: because, as you know, most of our ready to ship goods need a CITES certificate to be shipped to a country outside the European Union and because the CITES office only re-opens after January the 7th, we inform all customers making purchases in our Gleni Boutique between December the 21st and January the 7th, that their goods will be shipped to their destination only starting from January the 15th.

This is a fabulous new promotion that we have decided to propose to you for the first time this Christmas, so that you can amaze your beloved or someone close to your heart with a special and prestigious gift but, at the same time, you can save yourself some money.

This is an unrepeatable chance that you can’t miss to finally buy that longed for handbag, which you’ve seen so many times in our Gleni Boutique but which looked so far out of reach. Now you can have it delivered to your home at a really discounted price and then go out with your friends, to show off your new purchase and make them green with envy!

Imagine the astonished faces of your friends when they see you wearing your new luxury handbag made of exotic leather: they won’t be able to believe their eyes and they will think that you have won a large amount of money to afford such a prestigious item! Let them believe that and show off your new purchase with pride, conscious of having a really exclusive gift by your side, a prestigious ageless jewel that will make you shine like a shimmering star throughout the Christmas party season! Why deprive yourself of such a special opportunity, when you can now obtain the object of your desire at a really advantageous price?

Hurry! The handbag of your dreams is just waiting for you……..

….………………………and a luxury Merry Christmas to you all!!!!

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