At last our genuine python men’s shoes collection is ready!

December 5, 2008 0 By admin


I am happy to announce that we have finished preparing the display of men’s shoes in our stores.
It is now many days (even weeks) since we announced the release of the first models from our men’s python shoes collection 2008-2009. We spoke of this new line in this article
Men’s python shoes collection where we also included some pictures of the shoes, asking you what you thought about these models.
We received many comments, some via our blog, many others via e-mail, and we are truly grateful to all our readers for that, because, believe me, nothing is more satisfying, than realizing that the products we make, capture not only our hearts, but yours too!!! Most of your comments were positive and some visitors were very enthusiastic!
We have responded via e-mail to all of you who asked for more information about a particular model but, if for any particular reason you still have more questions, or if you haven’t yet received our answer to your questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us again.

And now at last, we have also completed the elaborate process of documenting the latest models that have arrived in our showroom. Why elaborate? I hear you ask.

To give you a better idea, let me tell you what happened as soon as the first samples of man python shoes were ready:

As soon as we received the first samples of our men’s python shoes (just one pair per model), my husband immediately ordered himself 3 pairs of shoes! Yes, that’s right: not just one or two, but three pairs, he fell so much in love with these shoes!
Let me just explain how it happened. As soon as we opened the first boxes containing the shoes, we were immediately fascinated by their style, and, as we carried on opening the parcels, our enthusiasm grew. Then taking the shoes in our hands to look more closely at them, we were amazed by their workmanship and, of course, by the genuine python skin that these shoes are made of. To be honest we were already convinced by now of their extraordinary quality, but my husband then decided to try on one of the newly arrived models, and so discovered just how comfortable and enjoyable these shoes are to wear. This was the decisive element in convincing us, because we know how often it happens that beautiful-looking shoes can be extremely uncomfortable to wear (in Russian there is a saying “Beauty requires sacrifice”) and that very comfortable shoes are usually not at all elegant. Luckily this is not the case with these shoes.
And so we immediately ordered 3 pairs of python shoes!

That is exactly what happens when you have these shoes in front of you and you can touch them and, of course, try them on. So how can we allow you to see these shoes in an accurate way, so that you too can experience the same feelings that we did? We don’t need to tell you that it is very difficult conveying all this through a web page, just with a photo of the product , even though we try to represent the shoe in the picture exactly as it really is, as faithfully as possible, without any retouching. This is why we take so many pictures of each pair of shoes, trying to find the right position and the right light. Then, we choose only the best pictures, the most truthful ones, where you can see the details, the tones of the leather and the stitching. The description of the item is also very important and needs to be as detailed as possible in order to give you an idea of what you will find on the other side of the screen. Once that is done, all we still have to do is to add every single product onto our web sites!

Then at last…. it is done! Now we are ready to share these fabulous creations with you, dear reader!

We are proud of this collection of genuine python men’s shoes, because it is really beautiful and well-made.

Of course, this level of quality doesn’t come cheap, and it is for exactly this reason that this collection is aimed at a man who appreciates the good things in life, top quality leather and genuine craftsmanship. So these shoes are made especially for a man who looks for uniqueness in the things he buys and for whom elegance and exclusivity are fundamental to his life as well as to his look. I know this well! My husband always wears these shoes now and he is very happy with them, so I am happy too, and I only hope that this line of genuine python men’s shoes will soon be joined by another collection, one that is close to my heart:

a python shoes collection for women!!!


Tatiana, member of Gleni staff

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