Gorgeous handbags for the stylish and practical modern woman

June 19, 2009 0 By admin

4777python-3The last few decades have seen women’s role in society completely transformed. Women have worked very hard to achieve their goals but now have the satisfaction of successful careers and high flying jobs.  The most effective business managers are very often women and, according to some statistics, it seems that having a woman as leader of a company gives a sense of greater safety and stability to all its clerks and workers.

Going to work, however for a woman is not just about realizing ambitions, feeling fulfillled and independent; she also enjoys the opportunity of spending time with other people, getting to know many interesting people and  expressing her personality, her ideas, her femininity.

A business woman spends most of her day at work, busy signing papers or meeting potential customers.  She doesn’t usually have time to come home at lunchtime to eat and freshen up, so every morning she has to carry with her everything she needs through the day, so that she always looks fresh and dynamic even after many hours of a tiring job.

A woman might well say that she only needs a few things to keep herself immaculate through the day but, before leaving her house, she will have collected a whole lot of things that she just has to have with her: her eye make-up and lipstick, a comb, a jacket, perhaps a dress and a different pair of shoes to wear in the evening, after work, besides her laptop and work documents. She would practically need a suitcase to comfortably carry all her personal effects!!!!

A handbag is never large enough to fit everything she needs in the day! Then, we also have to consider that  many women are also mothers of small children, so when they go out with them, they have to be ready for any emergency, such as a child falling in a muddy puddle or becoming fractious with hunger. A careful mother always has to keep in her bag a bottle of fresh water, some biscuits to eat and if possible, some spare clothes for her children in case they get wet or  dirty.

Here at Gleni, we have always paid particular attention to the needs of  the “intrepid superwomen” always busy juggling work and family, and we have created very large and comfortable totes for them, with room for everything, and with many compartments and pockets so that they can find whatever they need very quickly and easily.

However, sometimes not even these large handbags are big enough to contain everything in absolute order, so, thanks to the cooperation of our skilful artisans we have looked at a different kind of handbag, simpler and more classic in structure but really large and extremely comfortable.

We have called them” universal bags” because they can take you anywhere. They are perfect as work bags, for the glamorous business woman who is always meticulous in her look and beauty, because they are incredibly wide, easily containing all her business documents and office papers in complete order.  With medium length resilient buckles and entirely made of genuine luxury python leather, these bags will confer an incredible touch of elegance and sensuality even at work.

Some of these new models that we are presenting to you (and which you will find already available in our Gleni Boutique, for immediate delivery), are so commodious that they can even fit your laptop or note book, so that you can finally combine work with elegance, without using that ugly fabric laptop sleeve, which is embarrassingly tasteless and  just ruins your look.

And, what happens if you want to go out with your friends for dinner after work? No problem, because these totes are perfect also for your leisure time, being absolutely chic and very trendy (don’t forget that the tote bag is the ultimate style for the coming autumn-winter 2010 season). They are so gorgeous and beautifully made that nobody will realize that you are wearing the same handbag you normally use in your professional life.

Then, don’t forget that you can perfectly well use this  tote as a shopping bag too, because with its wide compartments and many pockets, you can easily tuck away all your many purchases inside, without having to carry loads of plastic shopping bags in your hands.

For this line of handbags, we have concentrated on the practicality and the comfort that such a handbag should guarantee the person wearing it, rather than its connection to the fashion trends. The styles are very classic and restrained and colors too are subtle and suitable for every season.

We have taken this decision for two main reasons:

  • We envisage these handbags as work bags, to be mainly worn to the office so the chosen tonalities have to be elegant, refined and sober, perfectly representing you and your profession. Colors are classic, sometimes nuanced or created by the fusion of two tonalities but always current and suitable both for the cold and for the warm season. They are not too dark but nor are they too eccentric and strong.
  • We appreciate the economic value of these handbags. They are undoubtedly high quality, decorated, enriched by top-quality accessories, completely handmade here in Italy by our 100% Italian craftsmen, but they certainly can’t be considered cheap. This is the reason why we have decided to choose very classic models which will be sure to last for many years, without any risk of looking old fashioned or dated.

As already announced  above, the first models belonging to this new line, are available in our Gleni Boutique, ready for immediate delivery, but we are currently preparing a more complete collection in this style that will be ready in September. So when you return from your relaxing summer holidays thinking about which handbag best suits your job and your personality, you will be able to start a new working year with the joy of having something new and, above all comfortable, always by your side!!!

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