How is our blog structured? What kind of information can you find here?

Below we list the categories which make up our blog, providing you with a brief explanation for each of them, so that you can find the subject you are most interested in quickly and easily:

Events: in this section, we will include all the latest news about our company, our collections and our products. You will also find links to all the Gleni sites.

Special offers: in this section, you will find all the promotions and discounts that apply to each of our Gleni online stores.

Press releases: Every press release published both online and offline (newspapers, fashion magazines, etc.…) will be posted here for you to read.

Fashion and trends: here you will find many different articles written by us or by our valuable collaborators, about the latest fashion trends in terms of bags and accessories and about the genuine MADE IN ITALY, as well as texts already published in our catalogues and also translations of relevant articles that we think you might find especially interesting.

Product corner: Here we will present all our new handbag and prestigious leather accessory collections, also letting you know the best-selling items of the moment and offering you some practical advice about purchasing exactly the right bag to completely satisfy both your heart and your soul.

Step by step: Our main aim is make Gleni’s work accessible to people all around the world , even to those who aren’t very familiar with the Internet or experienced in online shopping, those who, almost always, feel insecure and don’t know how to go ahead with a purchase, once they’ve opened the homepage of the store. We will offer our visitors a very detailed explanation, a sort of “step by step” guide, to help them understand how to access the interesting and amazing world of online shopping without any fear, in absolute safety and freedom (referring, of course, to our own sites) .

Guest’s corner: In this section, we will publish short articles personally written by our guests, namely by all those people who wish to contribute actively to our project or by those who wish to have here a direct link to their sites or blogs. These articles will be thoroughly checked and, if considered valid and closely connected with our main themes, they will be published in this space with the direct link to the author’s website or with the personal contact information of the author .

If you would like to propose other themes or other categories to develop our blog with, you can leave all your comments and suggestions. We will very happy to explore your every proposal!



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