July 20th, 2009
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At last summer is officially here, banishing the grey of the past winter, and it’s ready to enfold us all in a warm embrace of vitality, energy and, above all, color!! Yes, because right now we feel a great need of color, so that we can shake off dreary anonymity, and have the freedom to express our individual spirits with daring and surprise!!

Red handbagsIf you are tired of looking into a dull wardrobe, where you always find the same classic, neutral shades, chosen to play safe and avoid showing an image of yourself which is too striking and provocative, now is the time to let go of any hesitation, get rid of your doubts and apprehensions and immerse yourself in a whirl of extraordinary color!! It’s summer, the time of fun, gaiety and brightness, so, why not hot up your look and choose red?

A lead player in the Italian and European fashion shows of the last few months, the color red, in its infinite shades and numerous hues, shone out from the collections of the star designers who dominate the firmament of fashion!! From dresses to trousers, shirts to jackets, from shoes to handbags and accessories, red has become an essential statement for the fashionable woman who wants to be constantly trendy, elegant and prestigious.

Ancient legends, past traditions and recent studies too have given the color red a highly symbolic aura. This color in fact, can convey a great number of messages and symbols. Red is the symbol of love and passion, of energy; it reveals our feelings and emotions; it implies expressivity and vivacity; it symbolizes our life blood; moreover, it’s the symbol of great value and royalty, since it has always been connected to royal dignity.

Given all these numerous meanings, that have been associated with this powerful color since the beginning of humankind, can you imagine what beneficial effects your body and soul will receive, when you decide to make this color your favorite one to wear? You will undoubtedly appear magnificent, elegant and prestigious, a head higher than the other women around you!!

Enhance your golden tanned skin with a dash of red, in the shade you prefer, choosing it for your evening dress, or for a pair of high-heeled shoes, or maybe for your favorite, luxury handbag. Swinging a stunning red exotic leather handbag by your side when you’re out with your friends, you will feel the sensation of being cocooned in a mantle of self-esteem, security, determination and total self-confidence. As if by magic, your look will conquer everyone and you’ll turn heads everywhere you go!!

From the latest fashion shows we have seen how much this color is back in vogue and, in fact, many world famous designers have proposed red as the predominant color of their collections: so, don’t hesitate or feel shy, try it on for a new look!! You will certainly find a shade of red that suits you perfectly, from the bold, bright and shiny ones, to the softer, more muted and subtle shades!!

Gleni’s team really does care about all of our dear customers and we want to help you look your best, so you will always be dynamic, original and striking. With this in mind we have created lots of our most popular luxury leather handbags in red, so that all you discerning women can show the world not just your strength and independent spirit, but also your passionate and sensual nature!! So, if you have decided to rejuvenate your old wardrobe and up-date it with a striking and gorgeous handbag, we recommend that you visit our online shop at where you can have a closer look at our prestigious handbags in the most fashionable color of the moment, red!!

Would you like some suggestions? Here’s what we would choose: item 8008 made of genuine python skin, if you want to look always breathtaking and enchanting, or item 3800 if you need comfort and practicality but still want to be elegant; should you prefer ostrich to python skin, item 3797 is perfect for anyone who looks for the very best high-quality products, or item 8007 if you want to be trendy from day to night!! What about the cocco ligator skin of item 3807? A real jewel both to look at and touch!!

These are just a few articles from our collection that we have suggested according to our own personal taste! However, you can always select a different item and ask us to make it for you in red, this summer’s essential color!!

Don’t waste time standing in front of the mirror trying to convince yourself you’re a resolute person!!! You certainly are, and wearing this striking and decided color will open a new dimension in you, bringing out your inner strength, so that you will finally achieve all your goals!!

So, hurry, and set your summer on fire with the color of love and passion: the power of red awaits you!!

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