Incredible special offers for your Christmas gifts!!!

December 3, 2010 0 By sonia.massi

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Christmas is just around the corner and it’s already time to think about your Christmas gifts.

Christmas gifts onlineWe know just how difficult it is to choose the perfect gift for each member of the family as we want to buy them something that is exclusive and beautiful, but also practical and comfortable that they can really appreciate and use in any time of day; an item which combines quality and ease and, above all which demonstrates the depth of love we feel for them.

However,  our search sometimes proves more difficult than expected, as beautiful and high quality products are very often incredibly expensive and would totally blow our budget, while cheaper items don’t come up to our idea of a special gift for someone special in our heart.

We get into a crisis because, looking in the shop windows of the most select boutiques, we fall in love with gorgeous but inaccessible accessories but in the cheaper department stores and markets we can’t find anything worthy of being purchased as a gift!

This is the reason why the weeks leading up to Christmas day can often seem like a real nightmare to many of us!!!

Where can we find an exclusive, beautiful gift without spending a fortune?

Gleni is well aware of the stress of searching for Christmas gifts, especially among women, and we propose to all our customers a special offer on a selected section of its luxury handbags, currently available in our Gleni Boutique for immediate despatch.

We have created a special discount especially for you on many handbags from our new and past collections: gorgeous accessories both for men and women that are sure to inspire you with ideas to give your closest friends and family a truly special gift at a really reasonable price.

A wide selection of women’s luxury shoulder bags, clutches and tote bags, man bags and professional items will be available at a discounted price in our Gleni Boutique: look for products marked by the special offer red label.

The discount will be automatically calculated when you add the item to your cart and it will be applied whether you confirm the product’s purchase with your credit card or through a wire transfer. However, if you choose the wire transfer as your payment method, a further 5%  discount off the total payable, will be offered to you.

This promotion has been just activated and it will be valid until December the 25th.

However, the surprises aren’t over yet. Gleni is going over the top with its promotions this holiday season and it is proposing a further exclusive offer you absolutely can’t miss!!!

Starting from December the 7th  until December the 25th all the Italian and European customers interested in buying any kind of item from our Gleni Boutique (including the goods marked by the red label indicating “special offers” ), won’t have to pay anything for the delivery of their purchased items.

It’s not a joke and you have perfectly understood!!!

From December the 7th until December the 25th, in fact, all the European customers confirming their purchases among the available goods shown in (no matter whether they buy an expensive bag or just a wallet or a belt) will have their goods delivered absolutely free, as shipping costs will be completely paid by Gleni.

So, at the moment you confirm your purchase, if you are an European customer, living in Europe, shipping costs won’t be calculated in your  invoice, because Gleni will pay them for you.

Isn’t this the perfect occasion to visit our Gleni Boutique immediately and start searching for your Christmas gifts?

As you already know, we don’t usually offer such big discounts on our products, given that they can be all considered as unique pieces, having each one, its own qualities and peculiarities but this time we have decided to astonish all our loyal customers offering them the best of quality and of the fine Italian craftsmanship at an even more competitive price than usual.

Do you think that the above promotions are not enough for you?  Don’t worry because another extra New Year’s offer has been put together for you too!!!

While the promotion concerning free shipping of goods to Italian and European localities ceases on 25th December, new further special discounts  will be afterwards applied on some goods available in our Gleni Boutique and marked by the red label of special offers, so you will then have the opportunity to finally buy that longed for item for you or for your beloved, at an even more competitive price.

You can finally immerse yourself into our fabulous sea of discounts, taking advantage of this special and unrepeatable opportunity to delight your partner, your family or your best friend with a special present which will really make an impression and immediately capture the heart and the soul of the person receiving it.

You will be appreciated for your refined taste in gifts but nobody will know that you paid such a competitive price and that, perhaps, with money you saved, you also bought a special present for yourself too!!!!

Yes, because when you visit our online Boutique in search of a luxury exotic leather accessory to give to your partner as Christmas gift, it may also happen (indeed, we are sure it will happen) that you suddenly fall in love with one of the proposed discounted items and you decide to buy a special high quality gift…..for yourself too!!!!

So, don’t waste any time!

Visit our Gleni Boutique now to see  all our products currently available at a really special price and, don’t forget that, from December the 7th  to December the 25th, when you confirm the purchase of any product from our online Boutique, shipping costs are free if you are living in a country included in the European Union.

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