It’s high time we celebrate….let’s have a look at the best look to wear!

December 24, 2011 0 By sonia.massi

The  gifts are all wrapped under the Christmas tree, ready to be given to relatives and friends, invitations for Christmas Eve dinner or the big Christmas lunch already delivered, the house meticulously decorated and a menu to delight and tempt your guests’ palate already arranged: in short, everything is ready for Christmas…. but, to create the right atmosphere you also need to decide on the perfect refined look to wear, with matching accessories.

nataleDon’t panic if your wardrobe is unfortunately unable to come to your rescue? No need to despair….you only have to brush up on some valuable ideas presented during the latest fashion shows and save the day with a last-minute shopping trip: and trust us, you will still be the queen of your party!

White, tuxedo, gold, fur, knitwear, colors, lace collars and geometric designs: these are the main diktats coming from the catwalks of Milan, New York, London and Paris, that the fashion industry has decreed for this winter season 2011/2012.

So, let’s take a look together!

The camel shade is back in vogue, along with volumes of haute couture inspiration, the retro ski sweater, the bon ton style revisited with white collars on dresses, and structured masculine suits. But for those who dare, here are the hottest themes: ultra-feminine dresses, pieces with a fetish effect, monochrome white – indeed there’s no Christmas without the whiteness of the snow! – the art dress inspired by geometry, but also scales in pastel shades and maxi sequins to be mixed in absolute freedom. The whole idea is to have fun playing with opposite trends and choose shades and suggestions to create a unique style.

But let’s start with the color.

The beauty of the festivities is that they convey a spirit of joy and happiness, so opt for spectacular colors, that are not in the least trivial: blue, emerald, purple, petrol-green, and of course a touch of red is always spot on, to be worn plain or combined in  cheerful multi-colours. White too  will be the star of the show: it has been proposed in pull-overs, suits, cocktail dresses and even on cowgirl pants, but also on designer coats and army uniforms – the new code is pure elegance, with only one concession: a touch of black in the accessories.

Chic, discreet and suitable for every day: we are talking about camel, which you can indulge in all its shades and forms, from suits to extra-long coats, with long skirts peeking out.

This year the passion for green spreads everywhere, from fashion to makeup, a tonality that is shown in unusual shades and combinations: pistachio, peacock, moss and bright emerald. A color that every woman can wear, which is easy to carry off and match.

How to resist the temptation of gold? Gold fever continues to fascinate women who care about the latest fashion diktats, because the possible combinations are endless: as a second skin, available in satin, lamé, sequins, jewel embroidery and shining effects. From the masculine suit to a Hollywood style evening dress, from micro-dress to classic trousers worn under an elegant sweater … it’s the perfect color for the evening, or any time of the day!

For those who love prints,  geometric designs with square lines and sculpture effects are in great demand. The new prints border between fashion and design, very sophisticated in all their variations, sweaters, mini-dresses, ankle-length or long dresses.

A sexy touch never hurts: so what about bold lace, in black as is traditional or brightly colored for elegant cocktail dresses, or even, in an unexpected white shade.

The tuxedo too will make its return: a basic theme around which everything revolves to revive a masculine and exact style. So, jackets and gilets are worn over ankle-length pants, wide, narrow, or with pleats. The elegance inspired by the man’s wardrobe is a winner, with pinstripes, tweed and tartan.

And for very special effects, there are big iridescent sequins, glittering dresses making unique pieces that focus on the theatrical side of seduction.

So then, are you ready to celebrate in your favorite look?

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