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handbagWomen are very particular about the type of handbag they use because it is considered one of the most intimate accessories of women. Most of their secrets will remain hidden in their handbags. They are one of the very personal belongings of women. So women pay great attention while selecting their handbags. They spend a lot of time in selecting their purses and handbags and they also spend a lot of money to buy their favorite handbags.

There are different types of handbags style. Some of them have traditional look for those who prefer antique looks. While others have modern and contemporary looks for those who prefer to look trendy. There are number of factors by which we can categorize various handbags styles. One of the ways of categorizing the handbags and their styles is to go by the material with which the handbags are made. Some of the handbags are made out of regular animal leather. You can also find handbags in exotic leather such as Python leather, crocodile leather and ostrich skin. As you can expect handbags made in exotic leather are much more expensive because of the cost of obtaining these raw materials.

Whether it is regular leather handbags or exotic leather handbags, all of them come in a variety of colors to match the taste of the individuals and they also come in various textures.

The next most common way of categorizing handbags styles is by the shape and the specific purpose of the handbag. It is not just a way of categorizing the handbags, but women who choose handbags often use the shape of the handbag as one of the major selection criteria. This is also one of the major design factors used by the popular brands to create variations.

When the handbag is narrow and long with a shoulder strap, then it is called Baguette. These are often smallish handbags, which are carried by women under their arm though they have shoulder straps.

When these handbags are made of laces with long shoulder straps used to carry personal items and notebooks etc, is called Pompadour. These are often found in non-leather materials.

Accordion style handbags are very common. Accordion handbags are made of leather and they will have a number of pouches reminding us of the shape of the accordion. These handbags are useful to carry lots of personal items including make up items, money, stationery, etc. This is one of the most widely used handbags because it can accommodate a lot of personal items. When there isn’t much to be carried around the bag will contract looking compact. They also come with shoulder straps. This is one of the large sized handbags.

Another type of handbag that is becoming popular is Balantine. They have a very long cord that characterizes balantines. The bag hangs almost at knee level and it is meant to swing while walking with it. This type of handbags comes in leather or fabric. This is often preferred by young girls and college going girls.
When the handbag is in the form of a purse without a shoulder strap, then it is called Pouchette or a clutch. This belongs to the category of small handbags. This is very compact and it is often used by people who like to remain discreet in public about the things they use. These are often made in leather. You can find Pouchette in exotic leather as well.

Another type of handbag, which is often used by travelers, is backpack type handbags with buckled straps and a closing flap on top. This is also one of the large sized handbags.

These are some of the basic styles of handbags. We can find a large amount of variations among each of these basic types to match the tastes of the people. New designs are constantly being released by popular brands. To keep themselves abreast with the latest fashion and style, women buy handbags regularly and that is what keeps this industry going. If new styles cease to come then it gives women very little reason to shop for more bags. So all the major brands try to come up with new designs as frequently as possible.

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