London Fashion Week: What about bags? Are they still in fashion or are they out?

March 11, 2009 2 By admin

Bags: a complementary luxury accessory or just a superfluous item?

As we already saw at the Paris and Rome haute couture shows (presenting the most fashionable styles and colors for spring-summer 2009), at London fashion week too, only a few designers were in favor of using the handbag as a complementary accessory for their fashion looks.  The handbag seems to be disappearing in favor of big pockets sewn on to coats or trousers. The handbag, as the most evident symbol of woman’s sensuality and femininity is almost entirely absent from most of the London fashion week collections.

HOUSE OF HOLLAND sends its top models down the catwalks accompanied by very gorgeous wide shoulder-bags which, however are not worn on the shoulder but held by the strap, using the shoulder-strap as a simple handle. The interesting feature of these bags is not so much their shapes, which are classic, but their colors which go perfectly with the color of the dresses. They are a continuation of the color gradation theme of the dresses and create an intriguing optical effect.  House of Holland proposes the same kind of look and the same matching accessory also for the man. He too wears colorful clothes and his bag is also made in the same shade of color as his pullover or his trousers.  The classic clutch, especially in patent leather, accompanies the woman’s  evening look, enhancing her beauty and her sensuality. The tote bag is also fashionable, carried by the handles or worn on the arm, a wide comfortable item to use both as work bag and during your leisure time when you go shopping. The most important aspect for House of Holland, however, is always the color. Both handbags and dresses must be colorful.


MULBERRY, unlike many other fashion houses taking part in London fashion week, proposes a different style of handbag for each one of their creations. The day-time look is usually accompanied by the classic wide bag with two comfortable medium length handles, which are worn on the arm (giving the woman’s look a special light and a superb elegance) or in the hand (if the handles are not too long). Some models also wear the bag on the shoulder, if they are big with long handles or with a comfortable strap. For a more classic evening look, Mulberry suggests the use of the classic clutch or purse to clasp in the hand, even though, many models went down the catwalk wearing gorgeous evening dresses accessorized with wide handbags with shoulder straps, which are clasped in the hand as if they were clutches. Their style is however very simple and classic. No pendants or decorations are used by Mulberry on the bags. Next to the handbag and vertiginously heeled shoes, the other characteristic accessory of Mulberry’s collection is the use of leather gloves.

LUELLA‘s models wear leather gloves too and high-heeled boots, in metallic colors. Her collection is enriched by gold bags which give the woman’s look a further touch of brightness and refinement; clutches or tote bags worn on the shoulder or held by the handles, sometimes worn with gold stockings or gold and black shirt dresses. As well as gold, the typical symbol of gorgeous fashion, Luella proposes fantastic colorful patterns on enormous tote bags, like suitcases, carried by the handles, or small bags made of fur. The classic clutch is also very trendy with a fine chain strap to wear with an evening or special occasion dress.


ACQUASCUTUM sees the woman of autumn-winter 2009/2010 as trendy and detail orientated. The main colors used are black, grey and white, plain or checked colors for everyday wear, while evening dresses are uniformly black, completed by clutches with either a soft or a  structured shape. As for the most fashionable and refined colors for clutches, , Acquascutum chooses classic black or beige which, adds light to the woman’s look, enhancing her femininity.  Leather tote bags are the ultimate in fashion next winter for the day-time look but only if you wear them on the arm.

Among the emerging new designers, taking part in London fashion week, we can cite the Greek designer Mary Kantrantzou who chooses soft tonalities contrasting with shocking colors for her mini dresses, which banish the monotony of the cold winter with their joyful and sunny shades. Her woman is dynamic and very trendy but she doesn’t wear handbags.

What do you think of this designer’s decision to deprive high fashion of such a gorgeous and feminine accessory as the luxury handbag? Is the handbag an important element for you, which completes your look, or is it just an obstacle to your complete freedom?

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