Luxury Handbags – Choose 3 Essential Bags For Your Fashion Wardrobe

July 15, 2008 0 By Cristina

Every woman needs an elegant handbag. It is more than a fashion accessory, as it reflects your style, personality and look; it is with you all day long and keeps all your essentials safe and accessible; it puts the finishing touch to your whole image, so the finding the right bag is an important and often overwhelming decision.

How do you choose between all the many styles of luxury bags available today? If you can afford to go mad and buy a bag to go with each outfit, then you don’t have a problem (except for needing more closet space!) but those of us with a more limited budget can invest in three good quality handbags to meet all our needs and still maintain a stylish and elegant image.

1.First of all you need a handbag that reflects your professional image to wear to work every day and complement your business wardrobe. Invest in excellent quality leather and good sleek design. Classic styles such as a crocodile or ostrich Birkins or Kelly bags, in black or neutral colors, work well and will be an investment that will last you for years, as those styles never go out of fashion. Make sure the inside of the handbag is as well designed as the exterior, with plenty of pockets and compartments to keep work papers and personal items organised and easily accessible.

2.You also need a casual bag for leisure time and weekends. Choose one of the current, fun, fashionable styles, which are big and roomy and come in a huge range of colors: a soft, sensual python hobo that fits comfortably over your shoulder or a bright tote with loads of room and long handles to tuck over your shoulder. Think carefully about the color. Will it work for both winter and summer? Is it a color that will work next year too? This bag is the one that should reflect your youthful and fun-loving inner self, so indulge yourself with this choice. Go for classic styles for your work and evening bags and have fun with this one!

3.Last of all for a basic handbag wardrobe, you need an elegant evening bag. If you go out a lot you may want more than one to suit different events and outfits, but for now if you are choosing just one, go for a timeless classic that will last for years, like a simple clutch with a removable chain shoulder strap for versatility, in python or crocodile leather. Black is always a safe and glamorous choice, but neutrals like cream or brown are also endlessly versatile, withstand the changes of fashion and will last you for years.

Once you have these three basics in your handbag wardrobe you can add to them gradually over the years. Just make sure that you invest in top quality bags, which will reflect your stylish and elegant image. Luxury handbags may not be cheap but the investment pays off as they still look just as beautiful and chic after many years of use, so you can build up a fine collection of elegant bags over time.

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Kit Heathcock is a freelance writer contributing to Gleni the Italian luxury handbag maker’s website. Read more on this year’s luxury handbag fashion colors or start looking for your perfect luxury handbag now.

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