1. Pair of shoes 1 and 2 have great cut and I would be very interested in purchasing these styles to sell via our new e-commerce website when we launch within 2/3 weeks.

    Pair of shoes 3, 4, and 5 not so interesting. The overall style looks to suit the casual look or occasion, where as our customers would definatelt prefer the styles of shoes 1 and 2 (top to bottom position of shoes within your blog).

    Let’s also see more designs of men’s ankle boots and slip on shoes (non lace).

    Good luck with your sales.

    Yours sincerley,

    Steven Billen
    Managing Director

    Shop4Life Ltd

  2. raul marcelo Aguerre

    Son realmente espectaculares, tanto que SF 11 es una obra de arte, como los siguientes modelos mas acordes a mi personalidad urbana, son espectaculares, realmente el primer modelo es digno de coleccion, y el resto de uso diario, en mi caso, me encantan…., los deportivos tambien valen para mujer?

  3. Michael Phelan

    Yes I very much like styles one and two they look very nice and smart and would sell well to the Man who likes something different and classic.
    The more casual styles are not bad but they would sell better in the big cities like new York , Paris, Milan,
    What way are you selling them in packs or what ?
    what will they cost also is important.

    Best of luck to you with the launch,



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