Genuine anaconda – the special qualities of this superb leather

December 12, 2015 1

Our range of exotic leathers, carefully selected to assure you very high quality Made in Italy products, has finally been enriched with a new leather: anaconda.

If you’ve already had a moment to glance at our new line of handbags, you will have certainly noticed that many of the new designs are indeed made from genuine anaconda leather, used either

By Tatiana Miroshina

Can luxury survive the recession?

December 11, 2015 0

Fashion is a wonderfully creative arena that, season after season, embarks on a quest for those perfect elements that allow each of us to shape our own image. It forms and guides our instinct for dressing up, that is one of the most expressive and meaningful human activities: through fashion, we come in contact with…

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Italian Handbags: Shining Through History

September 8, 2015 1

The handbag has been a much-used accessory ever since ancient times. The oldest and most thriving Italian cities bear witness to that. In fact every Italian city where trade and commerce flourished had its own quarter or street of bag-makers (Via dei Borsai), outstanding artisans who specialized in making beautiful purses and bags.

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