Problem solving guide for our Electronic Catalogue

September 22, 2008 0 By admin

Wholesale e-storeHave you had problems registering for our wholesalers’ electronic Catalogue? Here are a few suggestions to make it all more simple!

Frequently, especially over the last few months, we’ve had e-mails from wholesaler customers, who have had difficulty completing the registration process to access our Gleni electronic catalogue, being denied access by the system itself, which wasn’t allowing them to subscribe and thereby visit our online catalogue, which is specifically reserved for the use of wholesalers.

We have analyzed this problem in depth and here we provide a few suggestions which we hope will be useful to help you avoid this annoying situation from now on.

1. Set your computer to accept more cookies

The most common reason for the system refusing to register your details and allow you access to our electronic catalogue, is that the protection level on your computer is set too high and doesn’t permit the system to gather the necessary information to allow you access to the catalogue. If this could be the case we suggest that you lower the protection level of your computer allowing it to accept more ‘cookies’. If you are using Internet Explorer 7 you can simply use the following step-by- step instructions:

  1. Go into Internet Explorer and click on your Tools tab, in the top right of your screen. You will see a drop down menu with various options.
  2. Click on INTERNET OPTIONS – the last option at the bottom of the menu.
  3. A window will open showing all the options available linked to Internet functions.
  4. Click on the PRIVACY tab, which you will see at the top of the window (on the second row of options second from the right)
  5. A new window will open showing the level of protection that you currently have enabled on your computer, represented as a sliding scale with a button on it. The higher this button is positioned on the sliding scale the higher the level of protection on your computer.
  6. Drag this button down towards the bottom of the scale with your mouse. The level of protection on your computer will lower automatically. There are three levels of protection: high, medium and low. Lower the protection to one level lower than it was before, then confirm this by clicking the OK button which you will find at the bottom of the window near the centre.
  7. Now that you have lowered the protection level your computer will be able to receive many more cookies. Try once more to register for our electronic catalogue, as this might well have been the only issue preventing it from being successful earlier.

(If you use a different internet browser such as Firefox or a different version of IE, just use these instructions as a rough guide to help you find out how to set your computer to receive more cookies.)

2. Try using a different browser

However if the system is still refusing to accept your details and complete your registration for our wholesalers’ electronic catalogue, it could be more that a simple problem caused by the protection level on your computer being too high to allow the ItalianModa portal to collect the necessary information to process your registration. It could also be to do with the browser you are using to access the electronic catalogue (most often Internet Explorer) which is creating access problems. If this might be the case, we advise you to try again using another browser, Mozilla Firefox, which has the benefit of many additional plugins giving a better service and is used by the biggest specialists in the sector for their web operations. You can easily download Mozilla Firefox clicking on the following link

3. Too much traffic slowing down the server?

If on the other hand when you try to access the main page of our electronic catalogue you get a screen with an error message, don’t worry; it just means that there is too much traffic to our electronic catalogue at that time, slowing down the normal functioning of the server. In this case you just need to be patient and wait a little while, perhaps an hour, before trying again and accessing our catalogue successfully.

Here Gleni are just trying to give some simple suggestions and useful advice to help you use our catalogue successfully. If after trying these solutions you still have problems with the system refusing to allow the registration of your details, you should direct your queries to ItalianModa, who provide the service for our catalogue and whose support staff will take care of any problems with the system itself. ItalianModa is a portal serving many Italian producers of 100% Made in Italy goods.

We hope that with these simple suggestions we have helped most of you access our electronic catalogue with no further problems, as we are sure that as soon as you see our luxury leather products, they will capture your heart!

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