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Genuine exotic leather bags: the luxury that lasts a life-time !

May 2, 2009 0
Exotic Leather Bags

Buying a luxury exotic leather bag once in your life, is the dream of almost every woman in the world. A python or a genuine crocodile handbag, in fact, has been always seen as the ultimate in status symbols, the best expression of high quality life and pure prestige. Our grand-mothers, many years ago, already had great respect for their images and, although they were not very rich or even comfortably off, always working very hard to give their children a dignified life, they paid attention to their look, choosing high quality accessories made of natural leather or of genuine exotic skin such as python or crocodile

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Professional Bags Now Available in Python

January 15, 2009 1
Python leather briefcase

We would like to announce the first samples of our new professional bags, both for men and for women, made of genuine python skin. Through this new line of python professional brief-cases and accessories, we hope to have satisfied all those customers who have been asking us for a professional line of bags made of genuine python leather for a long time. These items retain the same classic shape and measurements of the versions made of natural leather, but the soft python skin in the warm refined colors available, gives them a whole new dimension, making them look incredibly fashionable and prestigious.

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What are the newest fashionable python colors for 2009?

January 13, 2009 0

As you may have noticed in our Gleni Boutique, some items are already available in these new colors.
It’s important to understand that color plays a crucial role in accessories like handbags: it is the color, that adds that extra something to our look: it can highlight some of our special characteristics or perhaps simply give us an extra touch of joy, warmth and optimism.
Buying a bag, therefore, not only allows you to be fashionable but at the same time distinguishes you from the masses.

But now let’s focus on our “new entries”, let’s look together, one by one, at our new colors for our python leather handbags and accessories.

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