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The ten trendiest colors of 2009

January 16, 2009 1

Are you a very stylish person, who loves keeping up with fashion trends and revels in gorgeous colors?
Do you like wearing fashionable shades which complement you and your personality? If you are a follower of trendy styles and colors, this article is just for you!
Looking at what was presented last September during the European fashion weeks, we have decided to make an easy reference list of the top ten trendiest colors for 2009, so you can refresh your mind and plan your wardrobe according to this years coolest colors. So let’s start with our catalogue: which are the ten trendiest colors of 2009?

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Paris fashion week: an explosion of color and style

November 6, 2008 3
Paris fashion week

What can we say about the trendiest new colors of next spring-summer 2009?

They are almost all strong, vivid, attractive and extremely fashionable! Some designers adopt softer colors such as light pink or light blue, (sometimes mixed together) as they are the typical colors of spring, of natural landscapes and flowers. They symbolize the re-birth of nature after the cold winter season. They feel ethereal, light and very harmonious…

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