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Italian Artisan Manufacturers: choosing them for Style and Fine Workmanship

February 11, 2009 0
Italian Artisan Manufacturers

Women, who care about their elegance and gorgeous style, always look towards Italian artisan manufacturers as undisputed promoters of high quality and refined workmanship. It is not difficult to tell the enormous difference between a genuine Italian product and an item that just claims to be made in Italy! Genuine Italian products are steeped in tradition that is passed on from one generation to the other and this quality absolutely can’t be acquired by others through just a few years of training and experience in the sector. Tradition and Italian craftsmanship belong to the DNA of a person and can’t be obtained in any other way!

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Fashion Report – The Dirt Beneath the Glamour (Part 3)

August 26, 2008 1

Looking for some positive light for Italy’s future image Giannini turned to the Consorzio 100% Italiano…
In the luxury leather industry much of the work is carried out by hand using traditional skills, in order to achieve the best quality. An example of a good handbag made by these methods was estimated to have cost 90 euros in labour and, with fine materials, a total of 300 euros to produce, which makes its retail price of 500 euros a fair and reasonable figure, though these high standards don’t give anything like the profit margin that the illegal workshops do for those who use them..

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