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It’s high time we celebrate….let’s have a look at the best look to wear!

December 24, 2011 0

The  gifts are all wrapped under the Christmas tree, ready to be given to relatives and friends, invitations for Christmas Eve dinner or the big Christmas lunch already delivered, the house meticulously decorated and a menu to delight and tempt your guests’ palate already arranged: in short, everything is ready for Christmas…. but, to create the right atmosphere you also need to decide on the perfect refined look to wear

By sonia.massi

Fernanda Gattinoni: dressmaker to the Hollywood stars

March 1, 2011 0
Fernanda Gattinoni

Fernanda Gattinoni. Moda e stelle ai tempi della Hollywood sul Tevere (Fernanda Gattinoni. Fashion and stars in the days of Hollywood on the Tiber) : this is the title of the significant  exhibition in Rome, commemorating the artistic marriage between one of the greatest exponents of Italian post-war fashion , Fernanda Gattinoni, and famous Italian and Hollywood stars, who moved to Rome in those years to make some of the

By sonia.massi

Shoulder Bags: a great alternative to Big Bags

January 4, 2011 0
Shoulder bag

With fashion trends moving away from huge totes, towards elegant medium sized and small shoulder bags, how can we streamline our essentials to fit?
Do you still love your big bag and cling to that extra large tote regardless of fashion changes? Or are you relieved that fashion is now producing smaller handbags which don’t put such a strain on your back?

By sonia.massi