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Luxury products and exotic leather: a great demand from the market for such items

February 3, 2011 0
Luxury products and exotic leather

Qualities and prospects of a long lasting luxury item

Luxury products have always been considered prestigious but inaccessible items, belonging to a niche market and, for this reason, completely out of reach for the common man.

Till some years ago, luxury products were associated with the well-off nobility, who could afford to buy such expensive items to demonstrate their social status and differentiate themselves from the the

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New York fashion week: Spring/Summer 2011

October 8, 2010 0
New York Fashion Week: Spring Summer 2011

Although the autumn season has only just begun and we are preparing to face the cold weather, warmed by the dynamic fashionable colors of this coming winter, designers are already showing their new proposals for 2011’s next spring-summer collection, taking advantage of the famous “fashion weeks” celebrated in New York, London, Milan and Paris to lead us towards a new idea of style and elegance.

The first of these

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Beige: the must-have color for Fall/Winter 2010-2011

September 27, 2010 0
Beige: the must-have color fall - winter season 2010 - 2011

Do you want to look extremely fashionable this winter?

Are you updating your wardrobe with new clothes but don’t know which styles and colors are the top ones for the fall-winter season 2010/2011?

If you are a true fashionista, you probably already know that, this winter will be mainly defined by the return of a restrained elegant look which, as suggested by our most famous designers, should enhance

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