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What’s new in our wardrobe? Here are all the possible combinations for the winter season

September 6, 2010 0
What's new in our wardrobe?

While some of us are still relaxing in the hot weather of these last days of the summer vacation, without worrying about fashion issues that will become fundamental once we are back in town and at work, there are still lots of women who are craving updates and advice on this year’s autumn/winter fashion diktat, so that they won’t be unprepared when the sun disappears behind autumn clouds and the

By sonia.massi

Paris Fall-Winter 2010/2011 fashion week: Latest styles and colors for the next cold season

March 16, 2010 0
Paris Fashion week Autumn 2010

On 10th March, Paris switched off its spot light on one of the most anticipated and controversial fashion events of 2010: the Paris fashion week, which started March 2nd and lasted eight days. Yes, we can define this Paris fashion week as “controversial” because it played out in a climate of polemic and criticism, in part due to the greater length of this event

By sonia.massi