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Leather bags, shoes and accessories: Mipel – 102nd edition

September 27, 2012 0
Mipel Show 2012

Mipel has always been recognized as the fundamental showcase for the best of Made in Italy. This year too the 102nd edition of Mipel,  despite the negative influence of the recession, closed with impressive figures.

One of Italy’s strongest national skills lies in  leather and its processing, its tanning methods and the creativity that very often combines with ever more

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Polo Fiorentino: the birth and development of a district, pride of the Made in Italy

July 31, 2012 0
Leather Manufacturing

In our previous article, we finished analysing in detail what we mean by Polo Fiorentino, why it has become so famous over the years, recognized as the leading district in the production of luxury and high quality leather products, and also clarifying the place where this Polo primarily developed: that is around Florence, in the area stretching from Scandicci and Lastra to Signa and

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How to take care of your handbag so it always stays beautiful and elegant?

April 23, 2010 0
Your handbag it always stays beautiful and elegant

It often happens that we discover our dream handbag in the shop window of a prestigious luxury leather shop and, despite its price, we can’t stop thinking about it, even when we get home, and are watching TV or talking to our partner. We can’t get its image out of our heads, where it glows enticingly: we have finally found the article we have been dreaming of for years and

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