The elegance and prestige of brown handbags

September 10th, 2008
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Our first page catalogues all our handbags in shades of brown, but first we will give you a brief analysis of each of the many shades of brown that our products can be made in, according to the leather you choose.

Brown color - Classic elegance and sophisticationThe brown handbag has always been a classic, going perfectly with everything and exuding elegance and refinement. It can be enjoyed both by girls taking their first tentative steps in the world of fashion and mature women who love restrained simplicity as well as style in their accessories.

We have a wide range of colors available for you to choose from when ordering your bag, with a remarkable selection of shades of brown, some lighter tending towards beige, others darker, but all extremely elegant and attractive.

The various gradations of brown also depend upon the leather that you choose to have your brown handbags made in.

Brown python handbags

We will begin with the colors we have available to make a brown python handbag, giving the Italian color name with its English equivalent, as many of the Italian names are used on the product sheets through our website: testa di moro (dark brown), noce (walnut), ulivo (olive), sottobosco (woodland), castagna (chestnut), marrone bruciato (burnt brown), marrone S5 (brown S5), marrone 2006/59 (brown 2006/59).

Now let’s look at each shade of color listed above in more detail, so that you can understand the differences between them and get a better idea of which brown handbags would be best suited to your look.

Python brown beltTESTA DI MORO (dark brown): is the classic dark brown, evenly colored and uniform. The python scales all look about the same size and give the bag a mobility and energy, setting off the natural designs of the python skin, which is extremely soft to touch and can come in a glossy or matt finish.


Large python shoulder bagBRUCIATO (burnt brown): this shade of brown is a similar color to TESTA DI MORO, but the difference is that burnt brown allows the natural striped design of the python skin to show through as an even darker color than the brown of the rest of the bag. These light and dark contrasts seem to give this color reddish nuances making it more complex than plain dark brown. Furthermore, while with TESTA DI MORO the scales of the skin are quite large and add their dynamic to the bag, with BRUCIATO the scales are smaller, as more emphasis is placed on the contrasting colors than on the skin texture and designs in the bag itself.

Brown python purse

SOTTOBOSCO (woodland):this is the revelationary new color of 2008, a dynamic mix of many different shades of brown, all complemeting each other, which is perfect for very elegant brown handbags that are at the same time young and trendy. Within you can see shades of light brown, almost hazel, combined with darker brown tones, interspersed with traces of a brown that is tending towards dark green. In one leather all the warm colors of the woodland are contained and for exactly this reason it is perfect for fall and winter bags, as they give out a wonderful feeling of warmth to counteract the cold winter weather.

CASTAGNA (chestnut): this is not a simple brown but a really exceptional color, with light and dark shadings that set off the natural design of the python skin, making your brown handbag even more elegant and refined. It is the typical color of the chestnut itself and of the autumn colors of nature.


Italian python handbag

ULIVO (olive): this color needs no explanation, as its natural beauty and elegance can be seen at the first glance. It is a brown tending towards dark green and is the typical color of the ripe olives on the trees ready to be harvested. It is a warm tone that signals the arrival of the cold season, exuding warmth and harmony.


Luxury brown python tote

NOCE (walnut): this is the classic color of the walnut, a medium brown enriched with golden overtones that give brown handbags and even more refined and elegant look, making them truly chic. It is a really beautiful shade that is perfectly complemented by precious skins like python, which always remains soft and supple, its sheen making this color even more like the walnut it is named after.


Python brown wallet

MARRONE S5 (brown S5): if you are looking for a brown handbag that is elegant as well as practical, perhaps a brown tote bag, this is the color we recommend. It is a light brown, but not as light as beige, which gives the handbag a dynamic elegance, without being too over the top or flashy. It is a shade of brown that goes with everything and above all never goes out of fashion due to its simplicity and subtlety.

Luxury python brown bagMARRONE INDIO 2006/59 (brown 2006/59): we have included this color as an option for your choice of brown handbags, even though it is actually a mix of several contrasting colors, which work together to make the handbag especially gorgeous and prestigious and to bring out the natural patterns of the python skin over the whole handbag. The difference between this indio python and the shades of brown available in the trapper python range listed above, is that the indio python is skilfully painted by hand to enhance the natural markings of this exotic skin, which are then usually highlighted with white. Indio 2006/59 is an exceptional shade of brown perfectly suiting those who want an elegant style that is also original and striking.

Brown cocco Ligator handbags

Our cocco Ligator leather colors also number several shades of brown among them. The most popular of them are: MIELE (honey) and MOGANO (mahogany), both for brown handbags in cocco Ligator and in cocco Ligator Hornback leathers.

Cocco Ligator brown toteMOGANO (mahogany): this is a dark brown which looks completely the same whichever variety of cocco Ligator leather you choose for your brown handbags, because as we have mentioned before the only difference between the two leathers is in the texture and pattern of the scales of the skin itself. MOGANO is a beautiful and refined brown that gives an extremely elegant handbag that is really top class and prestigious.

Ligator croc  handbagMIELE (honey): this shade can be summed up as a light brown, mid way between dark brown and beige. It is a neutral color which goes well with most things and, as its name suggests, like honey it gives a positive energy and naturalness to your handbag, making it extremely chic.


Gold colorGOLD: this is also a light brown, though not as light as MIELE, with gold overtones that give it its name. It is a very stylish and elegant color, chosen by many customers for evening and special occasion handbags and clutches, suiting these small bags perfectly with its refinement and charm.


Brown ostrich handbags

Among the most popular colors for our ostrich handbags there are three particular shades of brown that we’d like to point out to you:

Ostrich handbagCOGNAC: this shade of brown is rather restrained and neutral, going well with all other colors and perfect for any style of bag made in genuine ostrich leather. It is a light brown with the same shade of brown as a good cognac and just like the cognac it is named after, this color has a definite air, which marks it out as a quality product which will last for many years.

Ostrich leather toteNUTEG (nutella): named for the famous Italian chocolate and hazelnut spread this color is an exceptional rich dark brown, evoking the rich flavour and sweetness of a good milk chocolate. This darker shade is also very much in demand with our customers for its elegance and wearability. It is particularly attractive in the way the small polka dot follicles, which characterise ostrich leather, pick up the color, becoming darker than the surrounding leather, and creating a wonderful chiaroscuro effect, enhancing the natural beauty of the bag even more.

Ostrich brown color bagNICOTINA (bitter chocolate): this is one of the darkest shades of brown. Its color evokes the most delicious, gourmet dark chocolate that warms your spirits on cold winter afternoons; it is a very warm and elegant color, which makes any style of handbag in genuine ostrich into a really unique and beautiful work of art.

These three shades of brown are only a few of the possibilities that you can choose when you are looking for a brown ostrich handbag. They are currently the most popular, but if you go to our Craftsman Laboratory you can view all the other brown shades available for your made-to-order handbag: chestnut, kango tabac, tabac.

Brown crocodile handbags

In genuine crocodile leather, among the number of colors available, there is a beautiful shade of brown:

Crocodile bagTESTA DI MORO (dark brown): this is quite a dark color that works with the refined softness of genuine crocodile to make a handbag that is a real treasure to be worn with pride. This is a brown that is almost as dark as burnt brown and indoors under artificial light it remains dark, but in sunlight it transforms into almost a bordeaux shade with chestnut overtones, creating a double play of colors that is truly sensational.

This isn’t the only color available for your brown crocodile handbag however! In our Craftsman Laboratory, besides Testa di moro, you can also choose from the following colors in various shades of brown: bordeaux, brandy, cognac, tundra always of course made to order.

Choose your brown handbag now!

As you can see there are many shades of brown that we can use to make your brown handbag for you, depending on the leather you choose. So don’t spend too long thinking about it. Order the handbag you like the best, in the brown you find most appealing, and you will at last have a brown handbag made especially for you that is both original and trendy, just the way you want it!

In the next section we list all the brown handbags currently available in our showroom, to make it easier for those who like to choose their handbag by color rather than by style and size. We promise to keep this list up-to-date, so that you will be able to see all our latest designs of brown handbags just as soon as they are released!!

To be continued …

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