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September always comes with plenty of original and sophisticated news in fashion and trends: just think about the amazing fashion shows which animated important cities such as New York and London, with great success in terms of international press and buyers that attended these events. In order to reflect the great dynamism which is characterizing the most important designers during this period, just a few days ago, from Wednesday 16th to Saturday 19th September, Milan trade center opened its doors to a long awaited event, the Mipel exhibition, the International market of leather products and accessories. This year it celebrates its 96th edition and because of the hard times and the economic crisis the national and international markets are going through, has been especially conceived to reflect and instill optimism and courage.

According to the organizers of this important fashion event, the most acute phase of recession is coming to an end and there are numerous signs which show that the economic revival will happen earlier than expected. Mipel suggests that the revival is starting now, by proposing creativity, originality, great intuition towards the demands of the new market and, most of all, an indescribable desire for redemption. This is the spirit which characterizes this year’s 96th Mipel exposition, presenting the most renowned trends and collections for next spring/summer 2010.

Judging from the registrations – a number of firms participated in the event for the first time while others reappeared after years of absence – it was right to expect a very dynamic and extremely proactive edition. About 420 exhibitors, spread over 3 impressive pavilions, showed their leather creations, crafted with the most exclusive leathers of excellent quality, providing a preview of what will be a “must” for next spring/summer 2010, in terms of handbags, suitcases and travel bags, but also leather accessories such as wallets, purses and personal organizers.

All the products exhibited at this fair, have aimed to express their beauty, richness and security more and more, achieving an international popularity and recognition of the exhibiting brands. They aim to combine fashion and an ethical philosophy of economic and social sustainability, as well as preserving the heritage and culture of high-quality craftsmanship, which, if not properly protected, is in danger of disappearing.

But what are the latest trends in colors, leathers and styles for next spring/summer 2010?

Shoppers, pochettes and bucket bags s will be very popular next year, while the shoulder bag, even though with a small decrease in demand, will be back again, to free up the hands. Very capacious, these handbags will be characterized by laces, gathering and embossing to produce geometrical designs and graphic effects. However, practicality has to be considered: so, there are clever expanding bags which use an invisible play of zippers to create new spaces and increase capacity. All bags are adorned with plenty of buttons and buckles.

As regards colors, the most fashionable nuances should be able to provoke sensations, both from a visual and tactile point of view. Neutral colors are on their way out:  the palettes of grey, dove and papyrus are not definite enough, as if these colors are seen through the fog. Even black will suffer the same fate.

The acid colors will be very trendy: white, red, pink, green, all strong and bright.

However, the real main players for next year will be the camouflage colors: first of all blue and turquoise, but also the numerous green shades of the woods.

Regarding the materials of these bags, next year we will find plenty of leather and synthetic materials, showing a particular liquid, diluted and shiny finish aspect in order not to pass unobserved. Stylish too are fabrics, such as cotton and hemp.

The leather is worked and treated with a particular care for protecting the environment, with a natural tanning process, that ensures a total respect for nature. Very often, natural imperfections in the leather will be transformed into an individual mark of character, showing its natural origins.

Reptile skin, on the other hand, is treated with special techniques, such as the anti-scratch and rain resistant treatment, so that you can carry the handbag out and about without worrying  too much.

Animal prints are still around, but with a new look: they are no longer using the typical and classic leopard spots, but rather paw print patterns like a spoor fossil.

This year too, Mipel shared its space with another important, much appreciated and well attended fashion fair:  Micam, the leather shoe fair, for which Italian manufacturers are famous all over the world. Here, thousands of ideas were on display driven by a common factor to achieving undisputed success: craftsmanship, high quality and great passion, from people who work hard to develop the Made in Italy label all around the world.

The program of the 96th Mipel exhibition was full of events and initiatives to demonstrate that, in the perspective of a global vision of the fair business, Mipel is not an isolated manifestation: in fact, this year too, the FuoriSaloneMipel event returned and took place at the Sidecar temporary store in Milan where it was possible to purchase all the handbags and accessories of fall/winter 2009/2010 at factory prices, donating the total sum raised to the Abruzzo Region in order to help those people affected by last April’s earthquake.

This is all the latest news we’ve received from the 96th Mipel edition which ended just a few days ago: are you enthusiastic about the newest fashion proposals? Let us know what you think, and share with us your tastes and sensations.

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