The Must bags of winter 2016

January 4, 2016 0 By admin

Many sophisticated models of bags, revisited and reintroduced with a new look by some of the most esteemed fashion designers to satisfy your every taste and to make also this winter 2016 simply special…

Milan is already dealing with the exhibition of the new Autumn/winter 2016/2017 fashion collections and many fashion bloggers and journalists are already stirring to find out in real time which will be the new fashion trends, such as colors most in vogue and the most glamorous accessories of the next cold season 2016/2017.

Also us, like them we are already active in discovering and revealing to you all of the news on fashion for fall/winter 2016 and, already in the coming days, entering our blog, you will find lots of useful information and suggestions on how to organize your wardrobe for the next cold season.

Meanwhile, waiting for that moment, we wish to review with you those that, based on what was presented by many italian and european designers at the recent shows of autumn/winter 2015/2016, represent the models of bags most in vogue this winter.

Which style of bag will render your winter look simply glamorous and chic?

Which accessory will elevate your charm and make you feel special and in step with the times and with fashion?

Winter 2016 will allow you to indulge your whims in the field of bags and accessories, as the models presented in the latest fashion shows and therefore crowned as the IT BAGS of the year are numerous and varied in dimension, style, form and composition.

There does not exist in fact only one MUST BAG of 2016 but a wide range of styles, among which, you will certainly find that most suited to your tastes and needs.

Among the various models of trendy bags for the winter season 2016, a special place is occupied by the shoulder bag, present in almost all of the fashion collections. This article, so linear and versatile in its kind, is well adapted to every transformation and revisitation. Every designer, within their collection, offers their personal interpretation.

Chanel proposes a shoulder bag of medium dimensions, realized in embossed leather and a double chain in place of handles, to keep on the shoulder or rested on the forearm.

From the Armani Privé collection arrives instead the proposal of a leather bag, provided with a classic long shoulder strap and a handle, which, however, should not be worn on the shoulder, as a rule, but held strictly in hand.


For Trussardi, the shoulder bag, small or large, can be hand held, almost like a maxi clutch or worn across the torso, while the shoulder bags of designer Valentino have a well-structured and rigid form and are therefore comfortable to carry in hand.

Appetizing is the version of the “cross body” shoulder bag designed by Céline, a sort of extension of the classic marsupial which transforms into a type of comfortable shoulder bag of the city bound to the torso; a practical and ingenious idea to always have your bag with you without the task of sensing its presence when you are busy and have necessity to move freely.

Sacks and tote bags are a valid alternative to the more classic shoulder bag, should you need a bulky and practical bag to put everything, from accessories for an always perfect make up, to a tablet or I_pad, great friends of travel for facing long trips by bus or train to the workplace.

From the recent european collections of autumn-winter 2016, emerge several variations of totes and sacks, of different forms and structures, from soft lines to those more structured, made of soft calfskin or prestigious exotic leather, to the version covered in fur.

Burberry Prorsum accompanies part of its autumn-winter 2015-2016 feminine creations with maxi sacks in suede, or spotted animal styles or with maxi bags that dust off the classic bucket model though in extra large versions. Large totes are designed also for men, made of calfskin, in classic dark tones.

The oversized bags of Céline are bicolored and are also considered a sort of revision of the classic bucket, while the maxi shoppers worn by the D&G models have a simple line and a soft structure, realized in leather or in fur.

The structured tote bags of Giorgio Armani, in patterned shades or classic black, are held in hand thanks to two comfortable handles, much like those presented by the fashion house John Richmond, while Tod’s offers maxi bags of geometric form, enriched with inlays or embellished with stones and metal fittings.

If Michael Kors for the cold season 2016 points to the practicality of the woman, having her wear large leather bags similar to actual travel bags, Louis Vuitton covers its bags with warm fur while Dior points to luxury, creating structured bags of large and medium dimensions in real exotic leather, such as crocodile and reptile, the latter embellished with nuanced tones that give each bag its own beauty and uniqueness.

If Dior uses exotic leather to make both shoulder bags and structured maxi bags, there are other designers who, instead, chase the precious elegance of crocodile for creating delightful clutches and mini bags.

Yes, because even clutches and mini bags are among the models of bags most in vogue for this winter 2016.

Michael Kors proposes box shape mini bags made of crocodile in warm shades of brown, while the designers Dolce & Gabbana, in their D&G line, alongside the crocodile handbags, jewel clutches or clutches enhanced by embroidery.

From Hermes arrive mini bags of rigid structure, made of leather, as are the leather clutches presented in the autumn-winter 2015/2016 collection by Giorgio Armani.

The clutches of Louis Vuitton are maxi and covered in fur, while the mini bags are made with patterned prints and held strictly in hand.

2016 thus presents as a blaze of models and styles of bags all different from each other but equally glamorous and fashionable.

Just choose the style that best suits your look or, more simply, the model you like the most and that makes your heart beat…

… Yes, because in the end, despite the many fashions and trends that run among them, only the bag that has really broke through into you, will be the real Must bag of your winter 2016.


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