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The weather is hot, really hot: heat rises from the sidewalks turning the streets into sizzling ovens; in  offices we are sweltering, despite the chill of air conditioning, desks and work tables are crammed with pitchers of iced tea and other refreshing drinks. Some of us are already packed and ready to go on vacation and others are looking forward to a well deserved summer break. Yes, its time for the summer vacation, what a welcome word at this time of year!! In fact, most of us have already chosen our destination, perhaps somewhere on the coast, with pristine coral beaches, or in the mountains with infinite horizons and cool refreshing evening breezes!!


No wonder we can’t wait to leave and are thinking about what to pack already. Our thoughts are no longer on work but on our vacation of sun and sea: the desire to swim in a limpid sea, to surf wild waves on our surfboard, to  sail on board an amazing, luxury boat, or just to enjoy some well-deserved relaxation!! The truth is that everybody is looking forward to soaking up the sunshine, scents and spirit of summer, with hopes of romance and adventure.

Summer is here with all its bright colors, feel-good sunshine and joy for life: it’s time for spontaneity, romance and shrugging off those extra layers and cares. So, why not whisk off your beloved to a romantic escape or one of the season’s secluded hidden gems while the sunshine lasts? However, wherever you have planned to go, make sure that you always look elegant, refined and gorgeous!! Following our tips, you’ll always look just right from head to toe and the only thing you will have to think of is enjoying your holidays!!

Let’s start from the head: trilbies are this summer’s must-have, so be trendy and thrifty wearing one of these delightful hats, generally made of straw and embellished with bright ribbons for a more youthful touch, or else just a simple, wide, plain white panama. You will look even more mysterious wearing a pair of stylish sunglasses, big, rounded and dark, of course….and your eyes will thank you!!

What about your hair? After years spent straightening unruly curls and frizz into submission, nowadays the messy, wavy mane is making a comeback, so blow-dry your hair with a round brush to create an ethereal mass of curls and then use your fingers to mess everything up a little bit: the result will be delicious and you will look great in just a few minutes.

The summer wouldn’t be summer without some luxury, jewelled swimwear. If you want to feel like a mermaid just for one day, there’s a wide range of models to choose from: made of metallic fabric and embellished with stones, embroidery and sequins; from the bikini, with ruffles or prints at the chest and hips to accentuate natural curves; to the most surprising one-piece swimwear with a deep V-neck and high-cut leg to lengthen your figure.

As regards clothing, in your bag you should pack at least one maxi-dress: very comfortable, colorful and extra-long. To get that sexy swish, these dresses should be soft, light, not tight and, most importantly,  ankle length. If you prefer more neutral shades, you can choose from pretty pinks to the palest peach, and enjoy the allure of this summer’s shell-like palette: combining these colors with chiffon, ruffles and crystals, you will achieve a look that’s soft, sexy and gloriously refined. The dress must move freely, lightly brushing over and hinting at your curves but without clinging: a real declaration of femininity. On the other hand, if you want to show off long, slim, toned legs, you can opt for a pair of shorts or hot pants, made of denim, cotton or linen: you will be cool from day to evening.

And your shoes? You can choose vertiginous heels if you want to walk tall (you can also try really comfortable wedges made of leather, wood or cork, besides the ubiquitous straw soled espadrilles, now a real summer symbol!) or very practical but still refined and elegant flat sandals decorated with crystals and rhinestones for special effects of colors and light. Most fashionistas will follow the catwalk trend and go for the gladiator models. Whatever you decide, the important thing is that you feel footloose and fancy free, in spirit too!!

Certainly your outfit is not complete without an appropriate handbag… and this summer you can choose almost any style you fancy: from the smallest purses and clutches that are perfect for a romantic evening, to huge totes and hobos, to carry all your beauty essentials, when you want to go straight from the beach to dinner! However, don’t forget that handbags made of precious genuine exotic leather such as python, ostrich  are very trendy this summer: you will definitely turn heads with your fabulous handbag swinging by your side!!

Decorated bangles, golden bracelets, necklaces and superlong strings of beads are all fantastic accessories to accentuate your glowing suntan!!

Of course, the sun, sea and wind will damage your skin if it gets too much exposure, so don’t forget to carry in your bags, high protection sun creams, gels and lotions to spray on your body, and avoid the pain and discomfort of sunburn, as well as unattractive redness. After your day on the beach, pamper yourself with tan activators and extenders, which will leave your skin feeling fresh and silky.

So, have you checked if you’ve got all you need for the perfect summer? If you’re packed and ready to go, we wish you a great vacation, and for the rest of you who have to wait for your vacation, we hope you still enjoy a summer full of fun and amusement!!

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