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Summer has arrived in full force in many countries around the world and, in particular here in Italy where the temperature is reaching 40 degrees C (104 F) in the hottest hours of the day. It’s time to stop working and to spend some relaxing days at home, or, if possible, on vacation, perhaps on a spectacular far-off island where the sea is crystalline and the sand sparkling white.

Even though many people are still working, to finish off the last commissions before their long awaited summer vacation, the atmosphere is already one of relaxation, entertainment and a wish to spend this summer time with friends and loved ones. After a heavy day at work trying to clear the desk, people enjoy evenings on the net, looking for a last minute deal for a low cost holiday in a lovely town, rich in culture and artistic beauty or on an unforgettable beach where the buzzword is “relax”.

August is for us Italians the month we look forward to most in all the year, because we can finally take advantage of the summer holidays to disconnect from the daily routine and our job and to dedicate our full attention to our hobbies and passions.

Most Italians usually spend August on vacation, preferably at the beach, especially those who have the chance of staying by the sea or who have friends or relatives living there. Young people spending their holidays at the beach, prefer to stay in a hotel in order to be free from any housework and chores, older people or couples with young children usually rent a house by the sea which gives them all the comfort of a home, but plenty of summer freedom too. In addition, they can save a lot of money because, as you know, hotels located by the sea are really expensive in summer!!!

While many Italians decide to spend their vacation on a foreign beach such as the Seychelles, Maldives or Sharm El Sheikh, there are many people that stay in Italy and prefer spending their relaxing summer weeks at one of our beautiful and atmospheric beach resorts such as Rimini, Riccione, Ostia, Capri, Cinque Terre. Or why not here in San Benedetto del Tronto, where you can find the perfect mix of relaxation and entertainment, with its stunning natural landscape, its harmonious atmosphere, tradition and historical customs and the presence of many pubs and clubs on the beach where young people can have fun.

Gleni’s show room won’t close in August but we will remain open the entire month according to our usual time table,  to guarantee our customers an efficient service in this period too. However our craftsmen will go on holiday from August the 1st till to August the 23rd. They will be back at work starting from Monday the 24th of August, ready to prepare your orders and satisfy your personal taste, offering you the best quality at an especially affordable price!!!!

Yes, because if you order a custom made product from our Craftsman Laboratory in this period, from August the 1st till to August the 23rd, and you confirm it through a wire transfer, you will receive an immediate discount of 10% (instead of just 5%) off the total sum to pay.  The discount will be calculated by us as soon as we receive your order and the new discounted price will be sent to you via e-mail together with our banking details for the wire transfer.


This promotion will be valid only on goods made to order for you and not on items available for immediate delivery in our Gleni Boutique!!!! Goods ordered during this promotional period will be hand-made by our artisans from the 29th of August and delivery time will be the usual 40-60 working days.

We hope that this promotion will give your summer an extra zest and convince you to finally order that handbag you have been admiring for so long in your favorite color.

Feel free to contact us over the phone at +39 0735 657565 or via e-mail at to ask for  more detailed information.

We wish you all an amazing summer and a relaxing vacation, whether you’re spending it at home or abroad, full of wonderful surprises and a lot of joy….. and, why not, with a gorgeous Gleni bag by your side!!!!

Happy Summer Vacation to Everybody from Arben, Tatiana, Sonia, Cristina and the whole Gleni team!!!!

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