Luxury and elegance at Roberto Capucci’s exhibition

December 2, 2009 0 By sonia.massi

The “supreme elegance” of Roberto Capucci on view in a new exhibition at Bracciano Castle

The wonderful Odescalchi castle of Bracciano near Rome, till December the 13th, is the magnificent setting of a long anticipated event in the art and fashion world: the exhibition in honor of  Roberto Capucci, one of the historic founders of Italian fashion and promoters of Italian style all over the world.

If you have read our past articles focusing on the birth of fashion in Italy, its success and its establishment around the world, you will certainly know of Roberto Capucci as a designer and fashion creator, an important figure in the Italian fashion panorama in the 60’s and immediately famous for his “sculpture-dresses”. His innovative dresses captured the attention of many famous actresses and celebrities of the early 60’s and 70’s but later too the Capucci brand was synonymous with elegance and prestige.

His dresses have become so famous over the years that they are now seen as authentic masterpieces of pure art. They are the perfect fusion between originality, art and architecture and, for this reason, as befits an important international sculptor and painter, an entire show has been dedicated to this “special artist and to his gorgeous historic sculpture-dresses” in one of the most romantic and fabulous Italian locations: the Odescalchi castle of Bracciano.

In some of the most important rooms of the castle, decorated with famous frescos and paintings, about sixty-six sculpture-dresses are shown to visitors with a special tribute to Mr. Capucci who has actively contributed to creating this historic event.

The most significant of his creations are visible in the “Sala delle armi” (the arms’ room, in the noble section of the castle, where an important collections of arms is preserved), and at the “Sala del Guardaroba” (the wardrobe room, a very important place where precious fabrics for making rich, decorated dresses were originally kept and which makes the perfect background for displaying the colors and the structural shapes of Capucci’s dresses on this occasion).

Among the sixty-six creations of this master of Italian fashion, displayed at the Castle of Bracciano until December the 13th, we can easily recognize some dresses linked to important names of Italian and international culture, such as the dress worn by our Italian scientist Rita Levi Montalcini at the Nobel prize ceremony in 1986, or the ones worn by Valentina Cortese and the actress Esther Williams.

If you are planning on spending some relaxing days in the Lazio region, perhaps visiting the wonderful historic beauties of Rome and its surrounds, we suggest you visit the fabulous historic town of Bracciano too, with its beautiful landscapes and its romantic lake (don’t forget that Bracciano has been chosen by many world famous actors and actresses such as Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, as the location for their wedding because of its magical atmosphere). If you are genuine fashionistas, you can’t possibly miss this exhibition at the Odescalchi castle, an amazing opportunity to get up close and personal with the fantastic world of Italian fashion, absorbing its origins, its glorious past and the way it has evolved over the years, always preserving that prestigious elegance which, has always characterized the Made in Italy label, of which Mr. Capucci, is probably the greatest founder and promoter!!!!

But, hurry up because this historic exhibition is visible only until next December the 13th!!!!!!

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