The trendiest colors for SPRING-SUMMER 2009

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Spring is just around the corner and with it the warmth of the new season. The transition from winter to spring is marked by the change of colors, temperatures and weather that occurs in nature and our whole life seems to be affected by these changes, including the way we dress.
Let’s take a look at the colors this season has in store for us!

Fashion colors this season are bright and vibrant; the coolest shades of the moment are:


SUPER LEMON: This shade of yellow will be one of the most popular colors of this spring and summer; it expresses the desire for the warmth and sunshine of the warm season after such a cold and hard winter.  It brings both optimism and good humor.

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FUCHSIA RED, this color will add a further touch of sensuality and charm to your spring look, not only in clothing but also for your accessories and make-up, making sure that you stand out for your elegance with the refinement of beautiful and intriguing shades.

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SALMON ROSE, like super lemon, brings a breath of laughter and optimism to the new season. It’s a delicate and simple color but at the same time is also elegant and positive, especially beautiful for sunny days, which highlight its splendid hue even more.

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LAVENDER, is the continuation of the winter trend of purple but in a lighter, softer shade, much more suitable for summery weather and reminding us of the newly blossoming  flowers.

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VIBRANT GREEN, is one of the deepest and most invigorating  shades of this new season. It’s a refreshing color, the color of fresh grass and of hope, a shade that can only give us happiness and a feeling of rebirth!

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Like vibrant green, PALACE BLUE is a strong and meaningful color. Blue is the color of the sea and of the clear sky, both elements belonging to the spring-summer season. This shade infuses those who wear it with freshness and panache, while still remaining a classic color that suits the summer season perfectly.

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LUCITE GREEN is another shade of green in vogue this summer. Much softer than vibrant green, it exudes the calm and quiet of spring afternoons and that’s why Lucite Green is also a “reflective” color,  showing us another wonderful facet of the new season to come.

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SLATE GRAY is one of the few neutral fashion colors for this spring. Going well with all the other trendy colors, it is different from the fashionable gray of last winter, as it is a lighter shade, which sets off the colors that are worn with  it, remaining completely in line with the feeling of joy and positivity of the spring palette.

(Photo: Ostrich leather hobo art.3812)


ROSE DUST is the other neutral fashionable shade this spring, but it has a further touch of sweetness and elegance that allows it to stand out from the usual neutral tones. Rose dust is also the color used in ballet, a color that evokes composure, perfection and sublime beauty.

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Finally, DARK CITRON, while it remains a spring color, also comes across as a more serious and prosperous shade, which gives a touch of sophistication to the wearer, imbuing them with that intriguing and sought-after beauty which represents the miracle of the rebirth of nature in spring.

(Photo: Cocco Ligator handbag art. 3722)



Note* Insights from: Pantone fashion color report spring 2009


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