The Winter sales have just begun: let the shopping begin!

January 17, 2012 0 By sonia.massi

The recession is feeling tougher and more lasting than ever, in every corner and in every sector, especially in the pockets of  individuals, who are forced to balance budgets with extra care so as not to waste the money that they have saved up with many sacrifices during this period.

Winter salesThere is no point despairing about what fate has in store for all of us in the near future, or about the effectiveness of the various strategic maneuvers our politicians are with great effort trying to put in place to get the world economy going again: treat yourself to a much better way of spending your leisure time to refresh your mind and free it from all those anxious thoughts! And what better antidote to gloom than our dearest friend “shopping”?

In Italy the time that all shopaholics love has finally arrived: with the Christmas festivities well behind us, we can all rejoice in the sales season! Why not please ourselves by indulging a special whim that we had to do without during the Christmas period when we were concentrating on satisfying our relatives and friends’ tastes: with the fabulous discounts of this winter sales season we can discover what a real bargain that special item now is, so, why should we live without it?

It goes without saying that, even in hard times, we must keep on refreshing our image, by focusing on quality garments albeit in reduced quantities: the sales have just begun… all we have to do is establish our budget and make a list of priorities to avoid being distracted by the vast ocean of discounts and opportunities that will catch our eye!

As usual, this year in Italy, the great sales rush started in the southern regions, Campania in particular, where shops began to display their long awaited sales signs from January the 5th, followed by Lazio, Lombardia, Toscana and Reggio Emilia; the last place to start the sales season has been the Valle d’Aosta region, which started offering fabulous discounts from the 10th of January. The dates of the end of this winter season are not the same for every region, but, in general, dear reader, you will have until the end of March to complete your sales shopping.

According to studies and research carried out by Confcommercio organization, during the 2012 winter sales each family will spend about €405 to a total of 6.1 billion euros, equivalent to 18% of the annual turnover in the sector.

But, what are the objects that will characterize Italian purchases? Traders are fully convinced that consumers will be looking towards clothing and accessories – such as shoes and bags – especially high-quality and refined articles. However, this year many families will anxiously wait for the sales season to allow themselves a well deserved holiday, maybe in the mountains or a relaxing outdoor weekend, which they couldn’t afford at Christmas due to the high prices of accommodation.

The president of the Italian Fashion Federation, Mr. Renato Borghi, emphasized that the economic crisis and a mild fall season have certainly not helped sales of clothing from the autumn/winter collections. Moreover, in December people were dealing with festive savings and showing great caution in their purchases. That’s why now, anyone who has been able to save something is looking forward to the winter sales, which will allow a breath of fresh air to reach all traders.

To get the best of the items on sale, and to avoid unpleasant surprises, we invite everyone to follow some simple rules and advice. Consider that, if you can resist initial euphoria and stick to your grand plan, no doubt you will succeed in finding an article that you’ve always been looking for, at a much cheaper price than you expect.

First of all, pay attention to the prices long before the sales season, so that you’ll be sure of what you are really saving during the sales.

Of course, avoid blowing your budget in the first store you come across, but have a look around for the best, most recommended shops.

Keep in mind what you really need: during the sales season the chances of wasting time and getting distracted by things we don’t really need are high!

Make sure that the goods on sale indicate on the label: the original price, the percentage discount and, finally, the discounted price, and, here is some dispassionate advice, don’t trust discounts over 50%, because they may disguise old products from past seasons.

The shopkeeper is obliged to change an item that is damaged, defective or that does not conform to the description, so our advice is to keep the receipt after purchase, because you will have 60 days to change it.

And for those who would like concentrate on online purchases, do not forget to visit our Gleni Boutique, especially the section dedicated to python and ostrich bags where you will find articles of great elegance and refinement at discounted prices, up to 40%.  A wonderful opportunity, isn’t it?

So, enjoy searching for your favorite accessory, we look forward to making your dreams come true, at extraordinarily affordable prices.

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