What are the trendiest colors for Christmas 2009?

December 18, 2009 0 By sonia.massi

Another year has gone by and Christmas is around the corner once more! Many people are already excited, looking for original Christmas gifts for their friends and relatives, while shop windows and streets are decorated more and more with shining lights and Christmas trees, looking forward to this wonderful time of celebration and joy.

Yes, Christmas is really a wonderful period which brings everybody together, old and young; everybody makes a great effort to make the most out of the holiday, taking advantage of the Christmas season to prepare delicious lunches with friends or to spend some relaxing days in a foreign country, perhaps on a wonderful warm island, sunning themselves and having a lot of fun.

However, whether we decide to spend our Christmas day at home, surrounded by the love of our family and friends, or we go on holiday, our basic problem is always the same:

–          “What will I wear at Christmas? How can I look elegant and stylish on this special day? What are the most fashionable colors of this Christmas 2009?” –

Even though we specialize mostly in making top quality luxury handbags and accessories of genuine exotic leather, we decided to do some research to see which color will be the “In color” for Christmas 2009, which shade will dominate the coming Christmas season, of the many vivid shades proposed by top designers for the Fall/Winter season 2009-2010.

Looking at the shop windows of the most famous Italian designer boutiques, we can’t help but notice that red continues to be the “undisputed king of Christmas”. Available in all its many shades and variants, from “cardinal red” to “ carmine red” or from “Bordeaux red “ to “Ruby red”, this color is taking over most shop-windows, proposed both for very elegant silk dresses and for luxury accessories such as clutches and high heeled shoes (even better decorated with rhinestones). Red is a vivid tonality which gives us a sense of warmth and harmony; it is the color of love and you can’t go wrong with it at such a special time as Christmas. Then, don’t forget that, here in Italy, RED is the color of luck and you really should wear something red on Christmas Day and on New Year’s day if you want a lucky and a happy year ahead!!!

For those who want to look sensual and original at Christmas but who don’t like classic red, the solution is to wear a wonderful electric blue dress or, if you want to go crazy, an outrageous electric blue coat with fur. This color is incredibly successful at the moment, despite the cold season, bringing a breath of lightness and vivacity to everyday life, but also to special occasions of holiday and harmony. However, if you like electric blue, don’t forget that combining it with black helps you to look restrained and elegant without losing your natural originality.

In the hit parade of the most fashionable colors of Christmas 2009, we certainly shouldn’t forget another gorgeous color that, until a few years ago was considered a typical summer shade but that, in the last Fall/Winter 2009-2010 fashion parades, was hugely successful, taking its place as one of the most beautiful winter colors of the season: fuchsia. Worn together with more classic tonalities such as white and black or on its own, fuchsia will capture the attention of everybody around you, so that you look fashionable and dynamic but also refined and young. It is the color of joy and wellbeing and wearing such a vivid color on Christmas day, you will certainly start your day with positivity and good cheer.

Are you a classic woman who loves to dress with restrained elegance? In this case, we suggest you  wear a gorgeous mid-length dress in black, perhaps decorated with sequins and rhinestones (as proposed by the most famous European houses of fashion) or worn with a shining accessory such as a handbag or a special pair of shoes. Black, as you know, is the color of refinement and glamour; it is a timeless color which is perfect for any occasion, revealing your innermost sensuality and charm. Wearing a black coat or a black dress you won’t go unnoticed among your guests, and will be the most beautiful woman  of all on Christmas day.

Purple, the top color of 2008, continues to be popular this Christmas too, and is particularly appreciated by teenagers and young women going for a trendy look. Incredible gorgeous and chic in all its many shades from dark purple to violet, it is the perfect color to wear if you are a modern woman who loves to look fashionable, but with style. You can choose to wear a shimmering violet mini dress accompanied by black or gold accessories (it’s Christmas time and you should shine like a star) or you can simply wear refined patterned violet nylons under well cut  shorts (which are incredibly trendy this winter). This color goes well with any other shade so, why not choose it as the color for your new luxury handbag (even better if made of crocodile or python skin)?

Gold, in recent fashion seasons, has been a little side-lined in favor of other new colors but, it always remains (next to red) the typical Christmas color. It is used to decorate the Christmas tree, Christmas lights on the streets are gold, as are the packages containing Christmas gifts. This color, in fact, like red, gives a sense of magical harmony, of festivity and joy so it is probably the most appropriate color to wear on Christmas day. That doesn’t mean that your dress or your coat should be entirely gold, or you could end up looking like a Christmas tree, but if you wear a gold lamè shirt over a pair of black shorts, or a black dress accented by gold accessories or a gorgeous long gold necklace, you will look completely elegant, while staying true to the traditional colors of Christmas.

And what should you wear on New Year’s Eve? What are the most appropriate colors to start 2010 with energy and positivity, while enhancing your natural elegance and beauty and, above all staying true to your  sense of style and taste?

Don’t miss our suggestions in our next articles and………………………………………….

Merry Christmas to everybody!!!!!!!!!!!!

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