What will your day bag be like this winter?

October 29, 2009 0 By admin

Autumn is already here and the cold season is approaching with its rainy days and chilly air. It’s time to open our wardrobe and sort out our winter clothes and handbags, deciding what will still be fashionable this winter (according to the  trends proposed by our most famous Italian and foreign designers for the fall/winter 2010 season), and what will be out of style and needs to be put away in storage, to wait to be worn again in the future, as soon as it comes back in fashion again, and what you should really just get rid of to make space for new things.

Our handbags, just like our dresses, are subject to changes in fashion and we have to take account of the latest styles and innovative trends, when updating our handbag collection.

However, in the last few years, we have seen a return to classic style and refinement in the matter of handbags. Designers are paying more attention to the quality of the proposed accessory, to the perfection of the finishing, rather than to creating an exclusive or unusual shape. Prestigious leathers such as genuine crocodile, ostrich and python are favored by the top fashion houses and leather masters, as guarantee of a product of undisputed quality, each detail carefully designed and finished, symbol of fine craftsmanship, where everything is steeped in tradition.

As for the bags that will be the IN BAGS of winter 2010, they are essentially simple and linear in shape, without any extravagant detailing, but rather, very functional and practical. Never mind if it is small or as big as a suit-case: the most important qualities, that the handbag of winter 2010 absolutely must have, are comfort and classic beauty. And this can only be guaranteed by using materials of excellent quality, such as crocodile, ostrich and python, very prestigious leathers which, at the same time, are also resilient, soft and very light, making the item itself much lighter than the usual natural leather bag.

But, let’s focus our attention on the most trendy models proposed by designers and manufacturers from all over the world, for the DAY BAG of winter 2010!

  • The classic tote bag, with a very wide internal compartment and many internal and external zippered pockets, continues to be extremely fashionable this winter too. Expressing comfort but, at the same time, very elegant and youthful, it is perfect if you are a dynamic woman who loves spending your day out and about, going shopping with your friends, or if you are a young mother with small kids and need a very large bag to keep spare clothes (in case they get dirty), a bottle of milk, the pacifier and a few games for them. Why should you carry an extra heavy diaper bag for your babies, when you can keep everything you need for them in your comfortable and chic soft tote?
  • Another fashionable model of bag, next season, will be the classic trunk bag, with a soft or a rigid structure in a rectangular shape, similar to the French Baguette and not too big. It can be plain or brightened by silver or gold hardware and trim, according to your personal tastes and your style. Practical and very gorgeous, it will make sure that you look attractive, extremely sensual and beautiful, while you enjoy all the elegance guaranteed by a luxury high quality product lasting a lifetime!
  • Very trendy too are handbags in a very classic style, that pay tribute to the legendary Kelly bag, with one or two short handles for ease and comfort in any situation, from the most casual to the most elegant. Carried in the hand as our grand-mothers did, they will give you a touch of distinction, as these models themselves are distinguished reproductions of a past era. They symbolize the endless elegance which characterized entire generations of women and that, still now, despite the passing of time, continues to capture the hearts of many involving their most intimate senses!
  • The classic shoulder bag continues to resist the passage of time, and remains eternally chic, the perfect fusion between practicality and elegance, comfort and refinement, luxury and simplicity. However, though the style of the shoulder bag has remained unchanged over the years, the chic way to wear it has seen a big change. The shoulder bag, although it still comes with a long, comfortable strap, is no longer worn on the shoulder, but it should be clasped in the hand, like a clutch. A really chic woman, wouldn’t ever wear her bag on the shoulder; it’s just not done!!!!!!!

As we can gather from this short analysis, winter 2010 will be characterized by a day-handbag which expresses our classic style and our love for elegance and tradition. Interest is given by the hardware, such as a luminous zipper or gold or silver finishing or the use of metallic buckles decorated with rhinestones. Fur too is used to decorate handbags, giving them a touch of originality and uniqueness which will distinguish you and your look, letting you appear incredibly fashionable in your natural elegance and charm.

As for colors, you are free to choose the shade you prefer, given that, according to the latest fashion shows, next season will be characterized by the usual warm winter tonalities such as dark brown, black, midnight blue and dark green, but also by more vivid shades, typical spring-summer colors such as: turquoise, fuchsia, violet, yellow, orange, electric blue, beige, red and green, so that you can fight off the dullness of the grey winter day with a dash of energy and dynamism.

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