Which shop do you prefer visiting? What is the main difference between them?

August 19, 2008 0 By admin

The main difference which distinguishes our two online shops for our private customers is the different delivery time of the product. In our Gleni Boutique, you will find all the items that are ready made and immediately available for delivery, while in our Craftsman Laboratory, the item you select has to be ordered and the delivery time can vary from 30 to 60 days.

If you want to find a bag to be delivered as soon as possible and don’t want to wait too long for the bag or belt you’ve purchased, you should visit our Gleni Boutique and choose your favourite bag or accessory from among our selection there which is available for immediate delivery. On the other hand you can visit our Craftsman Laboratory, for a wider choice of styles and colors, which are made to order for you. There you can choose the exact model you prefer and have it made in the leather and color you consider the most appropriate for your style, choosing from many different possible combinations. Furthermore if you choose to order your item from our Craftsman Laboratory, you can also request other customized variations, such as the length of the strap or the handles, or a different accessory to complete and enhance the beauty of your purchased product.

However, both these shops are linked to each other. If, when visiting our Gleni Boutique and looking at our ready-to ship items, you should fall in love with one of them, but you’d rather have it in a different color from the one available in the show room, you can immediately go to the product page of the chosen item, in our Craftsman Laboratory, where you can easily select the color that you want your custom made item to be made in, among the vast range of shades available.

To help you accomplish this easily we have put together the following simple directions:

  • In our Gleni Boutique, under the chosen item’s description, there’s a box containing some bookmarks. Click on “Additional Info” (if this section has not been opened yet).

Fashion Boutique - Gleni Boutique

  • Now, click on the image showing the leather color range that you can have your item made in ( this image is on the right of the box) and you will immediately enter the product page of your chosen item, but now you’ll be in our Craftsman Laboratory.

The bag made to order

As you can see, the many different leathers and colors available for this model will appear, so that you can select your favourite color and leather for the creation of your custom made bag.

On the other hand, if you are visiting our Craftsman Laboratory and you like a specific bag, but, you remember that here every item has to be ordered and that the delivery time varies between 30-60 days, and you don’t want to wait for such a long period, you can go to our Gleni Boutique and check if the model of handbag you like, is already available here for a fast delivery.

In this case you have to:

  • Take note of the desired item’s code ( for example, if the chosen handbag is Luxury handbag 3525 – the number you have to write is 3525).
  • Find, in the Menu column, placed on the right of the page, the block “More About Us” and click on the following link: www.gleniboutique.com

  • A new window will appear with the homepage of our Gleni Boutique. Now find the advanced search bar which is placed under our Gleni logo, at the top of the page,

and write here the code of your favourite bag ( in our example it is 3525), and, after that start your search by clicking on the following button

  • All the handbags with the model number you searched for which are currently available in our Gleni Boutique will appear on this page. You can now click on the miniature in order to see the detailed sheet of the item you’d like.

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