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November 16, 2011 0 By sonia.massi

Python handbag handmade in ItalyHow often have we pointed out that craftsmanship and the high quality of a finished product go hand in hand, being two concepts that are inextricably linked?

With industrial production methods we rarely get a perfectly refined product, well-finished in the smallest details, since it will lack all the passion, devotion and care typical of the skilled artisan, who, like a thoughtful parent, protects his own creations from any kind of imperfections or inaccuracies.

All those who are familiar with our Gleni products and items already know that nothing is left to chance and that, by purchasing a specific product – whether it is a handbag or a wallet, a pair of men’s shoes or any other accessories in exotic leather – they will be able to hold a product which is the result of the hard work of meticulous artisans, real masters of their profession, who, hand down their experience from generation to generation on the one hand, while on the other they keep up with the latest technological innovations in order to promote an article which is in the latest fashion!

But, have you ever asked yourself, dearest readers, how the whole leather sector is organized and what  policies it follows, at least here in Italy, in particular around the Tuscan area which is so loved by all of us here at Gleni?

Sure enough, in order to proceed with such an analysis, we can’t just dwell on the work of the most important tanneries that are the primary source for our business, supplying us with the necessary materials for the creation of our collections and our numerous designs.

We are talking, rather, of all those business activities that, in one way or another, are directly linked to the leather field: from designers and researchers of new trends looking for a product  to win the hearts of the whole world thanks to its creativity and originality, to the great and well-known brands on the international level which characterizes direct communication with the foreign markets, to the suppliers and subcontractors that support the leading companies of the sector with their technology, machinery and consultancy, not forgetting the creativity and skill of all those small artisans – most of them already having their own brand – who drive the constant development of the Made in Italy concept in the international sphere.

It hardly needs saying that, since our business is strongly linked to the Florence area, and to Tuscany more generally, both as our chosen production base and for the fact that our most important leather suppliers come from this geographical zone, we couldn’t avoid taking into consideration the “Polo Fiorentino della pelle” , as the area around Florence that is the hub of the leather industry is known.

So, it is with great pleasure that we decided to create a small space in our blog specifically for analysis and debate on the subject: from now on we will post a series of articles that retrace the history of the Tuscan leather district, from its origins to its current fame and prestige. We’ll discover all its power points that today make it one of the most important sectors of the Italian economy, recording significant expansion into foreign markets year after year. We will actively involve you in all those activities that represent the “Polo Fiorentino”, focusing on its main products and production techniques used, not to mention the history of a number of companies that have become leaders in the luxury sphere.

Hoping that the subject will be of interest to you… we invite you all to follow us with the next article!

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